5forFreshers: Siân Bennett


Okay… so can everyone just take a hot second just to appreciate that Fresher’s starts in two weeks. TWO WEEK?! Seriously, where has the time gone?!

However, the show must go on and we are back with another instalment of our 5forFresher’s series with some more tips and tricks for all you soon to be first years (and any reoccurring students who have somehow forgotten how university works).

Got any embarrassing, funny or downright lame stories from your time as a Fresher? Maybe you’ve got the key to all Fresher wisdom or you have that one picture from Fresher’s that you just HAVE to show the world. Send us your tweets to @NerveOnline with the hashtag #5forFreshers and you may be featured in in the next article! It really doesn’t get any better than this, aye?


Name: Siân Bennet


Course: Communications and Media

9am’s. Yay or Nay: NAY

1) Get Involved

It’s basically like being the new kid in school again… you don’t know anyone, you’re going to get lost (a lot), but make sure you get out there. Whether it be societies, your course/seminar groups, or just with your flat/floor, getting involved is vital. Try and get involved in societies that interest you. Organise seminar socials (aka getting drunk together then regretting it the next morning). Invite lots of people to your pres – socialise a lot!


Do you really want to spend your Summer re-writing assignments, or trekking back to Bournemouth for a resit? Enjoy your first year, but this is the year where you learn what university is really like (since it’s so so different from sixth form/college), and don’t take advantage of it! Put some time aside to do uni work, reread over your notes, make revision cards throughout the year. It’ll be a life saver, and will prepare you for the years ahead.

3) BUDGET!!!

For most of us, this is the first time living away from home and actually needing to watch our money. The best tip I can give for budgeting is planning out how much money you have per week to spend. Calculate how much money you have per semester, then per week. You don’t want to go into your overdraft during your first semester… unless you’re happy to live off ASDA Smartprice noodles.

4) Earn that £££

Money is very stressful when it comes to being an adult for the first time. You can find part time jobs both inside and outside of University. Some people might see getting a job as a disadvantage- you don’t have as much free time etc. But it makes you feel more comfortable with how much money you have, plus it means you can meet people who actually live in Bournemouth/the local area, and they can show you some really cool places and are always here if your uni friends go home early!

5) Keep Organised

I cannot stress this enough, you need to keep yourself organised. Grab a calendar and write down what time you need to be in uni and where you need to be, due dates, and any plans or appointments you have. Organise any paperwork you receive into documents. Make sure your computer is organised so you can easily find assignments. You want to make your year as easy for yourself as you can, and there’s a lot of work involved, so try and stay on top of it from day one!

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