5 Ways Not Getting on with Your Housemates Makes You a Better Person


Any student will be well aware that living with others is, at times, well painful to say the least. If you have managed to go through your entire time at university without ever living with people you dislike, or just having the general house fallouts, then you’re a saint. No, seriously. But for the rest of us, having irritating housemates is inevitable. Struggling to see the positives with having to share a home with someone you dislike? Here are 5 ways that it will make you a better person (even if it doesn’t feel like it will now).

When you’re living in close proximity of someone you are bound to have little annoyances. Whether this is struggling with that one housemate that saves all of his or hers washing up for ‘later’. Or, the one who spreads stuff across every room like the house belongs to them. Or, even the one that keeps you awake at night with the sound of snoring through your paper-thin walls. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the annoyance may seem when it surrounds you all the time, it’s nothing less than infuriating.

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, with the housing situation making shared-living the likely future for us for some time, there’s no sign of it getting better yet. Fundamentally, instead of trying to find housemates we always get along with (it never happens!) we have to see the positives.

Here are 5 ways that not getting on with your housemates help you in the future: 

  1. You become far more tolerant

You become far more chilled about the little things

The more you live with people who are different to you, the more you accept how others live. No matter how much you dislike things (or how hard a dirty plate is to ignore), you just learn to pick your battles. You stop nit-picking and realise that sometimes, it’s far easier to just let things go. As a result, you learn to stress less. You let the little things go and you become a much calmer person in the end.

2. You wise up

You never knew how much mess would irritate you

The more experience you have, the wiser you become. University halls are usually the start of your wisdom. You always told yourself that mess would never bother you (you were actually excited to be away from clean old mum’s house). Then, a couple of months in you realise you are a neat freak and that messy people drive you crazy. It may sound like a negative, but actually, you have just learned something about yourself. You are now wise to how you would like to live (and exactly how you hate living too!).

3. You get out more

Fresh air can only be a good thing

Whilst not wanting to be at home may seem like a negative, it can easily be turned into a positive. Wanting to escape annoying housemates means you get out more. It’s easy as a student to get lazy and cooped up, but disliking your housemates is a sure-fire way to avoid this.

4. You appreciate the little things

It’s amazing how happy a little bit of cleanliness will make you feel

Only when you have been a student do you really appreciate the little things. It’s silly things, like a brand new tea-towel that can actually be used (every student knows to avoid a uni house tea-towel). Or maybe, it’s the half an hour when your noisy housemates are out and you have the place to yourself. Or, it’s even finding comfort in knowing that if ever you feel lonely, there’s probably someone feeling the exact same in the next room. When you spend so much of your time being irritated, you really do find peace in small, seemingly insignificant things.

5. You discover your true friends

You’ve found your friends forever!

Until uni, you based your friendships on the common things, like loyalty and the ability to make you laugh. Now, you know that a real true friend is that one person you can readily say “I can happily live with you”. That’s not to say they don’t annoy you from time-to-time (let’s be realistic, who doesn’t!?), but it does mean that it wouldn’t affect your friendship. When the benefits of living together outweigh the annoyances you know that you have gained a friend for life.