5 Pancake Recipe’s Any Student Cupboard Can Make


Ah, pancake day. A chance to drop everything and make your day centred on indulging in a sweet treat. Whilst us students usually find ourselves left out from the luxaries (what’s a Sunday roast again?), pancake day is one even our measly budgets can handle. But, are our cooking skills up to scratch?

If you have found yourself doubting if your culinary skills can handle pancakes, think again. Here are 5 easy pancake recipe’s that anyone can make. Plus, you will even have the ingredients in your sorry student cupboard. No excuses. 

1. The basic 

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast?

Being made up of just flour, eggs and milk, pancakes are actually really easy to make (of course, that’s ignoring the task of flipping them). The key to a good one is making sure you have the exact ratio of ingredients. Guessing could result in one that’s too doughy or one that doesn’t form any shape. Try this basic recipe and it will be hard to go wrong (famous last words).

2. Breakfast pancake 

So keen for pancake day that you want to make some the second you wake up? You can turn pancakes into a more fueling breakfast simply by adding oats. This will provide you with longer last energy, making it a much heartier breakfast. Plus, these ones are thicker and fluffier than the basics so it’s a win-win.

3. 2 ingredient pancakes 

These are made with one banana and 2 eggs. That simple.

One banana and 2 eggs is an ingredient list even us students can handle. Mash a banana, crack two eggs and whisk. Oil a pan and pour in dollops of the mixture. It’s really that easy. Plus, the pancakes actually taste pretty good too. Smother in toppings and you have the world’s easiest pancake.

You can still have fluffy pancakes at home

4. Fluffy American 

Not satisfied with the basics? Want a true American Diner themed pancake day instead? Well, luckily achieving this might just be as simple as adding sugar and butter to your recipe. But, be warned. The technique behind these ones is a little trickier. Don’t let that put you off, just make sure you are feeling patient before you give them a go.

5.Nutella pancakes 

Up for more of a challenge? Try adding ingredients inside the pancake instead of just on top. Granted, these Nutella stuffed ones may take a bit more time than the typical pancake recipe. But, they are definitely worth it. Put your skills to the test and you will seriously impress all of your housemates.


Now that you have the pancake, what do you put on top? Here are some easy topping combinations that you are likely to have in your cupboard.

  • Lemon and sugar (sometimes simple is best)

    The more toppings the better!

  • Chocolate, banana and peanut butter (all great on their own, even better put together)

  • Bacon an egg (this would be a great addition to the breakfast pancakes)

  • Ham and cheese (pancakes don’t have to be sweet!)

So, there you have it. There’s no excuse for you not to have an over-indulgent pancake day without breaking the bank or going on a food haul.

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