Winter to Spring Fashion

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The transitional period between Winter and Spring seems to spark up more of a fashion dilemma than it should.

Edited by Charlotte Russell

The crazy, inconsistent and unpredictable weather conditions are not helpful on a Monday morning rush when you’re tearing through your wardrobe and cant decide what to wear! 9 am starts and the freezing morning temperatures call for puffer jackets and fluffy jumpers, then by lunchtime the sun is shining and the layers seem unnecessary. Dressing for the in-between season requires a bit of creativity and thought, something that the best of us really cant be bothered to do of a morning.

To help you out a bit I’ve put together a few transitional Winter to Spring outfits for any occasion combining style, comfort and adding in a little bit of spring colour to ensure you look your best this season and to make your Monday mornings that little bit easier.

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Layering is a vital element when choosing that perfect winter to spring outfit. Light layers such as this shirt paired with a statement long coat that not only adds colour but warmth to the outfit is perfect when the weather can’t make up its mind. Accessories are also vital pieces to consider and can really make a difference to your outfit, add a wool hat and a pair of converse or heels to completely change up the look.
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Don’t be scared to add a bold statement colour to your outfit that’ll lift not only lift your look but your mood on a dreary Monday morning. I’ve paired this burnt orange coloured short sleeved blouse with a cropped leather jacket and denim culottes to create a smart daytime – evening look thats comfortable and stylish.

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Be daring and don’t be afraid to bare a bit of skin. Keep the balance right and combine a cute high waited denim skirt with a turtle neck jumper and a longline heavy coat. That way you can create a great layered spring ready look and add some colour to really make your outfit pop. I’ve finished the outfit off with some leather boots and a matching backpack to give the outfit that smart-casual edge. Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 15.23.43
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Comfort is key. It doesn’t have to be all about bold colours and cute skirts. A pair of baggy mom jeans and a coloured sweatshirt can still be a great fashionable look layered underneath a thin pastel coloured bomber jacket to beat the unpredictability of the weather and still look great.

So there you have it, comfortable, stylish and weather appropriate outfits to inspire you for your transitional wardrobe.