Vogue Festival

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The start of my love affair with Vogue felt like it came straight from a Hollywood romance…

Our eyes met across a crowded room, Vogue was sophisticated, glamorous and very stylish. She had this amazing ability to transport me into an exotic world of beauty and luxury, it was love at first sight. Then as soon as I held Vogue in my arms for the very first time, with one glance at her glossy pages and enchanting cover I finally felt complete. The Vogue Festival itself was like meeting the parents, the couture wearing geniuses behind the ultimate fashion bible and my true love.


On the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May, the Vogue Festival was hosted between The Royal Geography Society and Vogue World located in Kensington Gardens. The festival consisted of talks, tutorials and masterclasses from people like of Dolce & Gabbana, Alessandro Michele (Gucci) and of course perennial ‘it girl’ Alexa Chung. Whist you had to buy tickets for each talk, the same tickets also granted you general access to the other activities going on, such as a free aroma massage (fancy right?!), a nail care bar, your own personal Vogue cover shoot and the Vogue shop. Fashion heaven right?


On the morning of the day, to say I was excited for the Vogue Festival would have been a massive understatement! Even despite the 3-hour train ride between Bournemouth and London Waterloo, it wasn’t enough to cloud my internal sunshine – I was officially loving life. What wasn’t there to be excited about?! Fabulous outfits, handing my CV to the editor of Vogue and of course there was Kim Kardashian, let me say that again, Kim KARDASHIAN was going to be at the Vogue festival – buzzing.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately… the event didn’t quite live up to my Mount Everest high expectations. Firstly, the starting price for a standard talk was £40-60, which is obviously not very student friendly and if you wanted to go to the Kim Kardashian or Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga) talks it would’ve costed £80-100, umm about that. Secondly, there wasn’t really that much to do at the festival if you were a guy, I’m pro metrosexuality but even I draw the line at nail dazzling and hair extensions…  Worst of all, the Vogue shop was meagre and yet it had the audacity to be overpriced – £25 for a Vogue matchstick box and £30 for colouring pencils?! Don’t be silly.




However, I did enjoy the talk about fashion photography in the modern digital world. Interesting and provocative, the talk made me realise that living in such an image saturated society, has made it increasingly harder for us to connect emotionally and deeply with any one picture, as if we’ve become desensitised to beauty (Thanks Instagram). Would I go to the Vogue Festival next year? No, but If I won the lottery then yes, I’ll probably even take Kim Kardashian out to dinner afterwords, but until then I’ll stick to the magazine and being a poor student.