The Next Best Summer Ball Dressed 2018


You guys didn’t hold back and so this year we had to do a second round of Best Dressed.

And you thought Danny Dyer’s daughter on Love Island was the biggest plot twist of 2018…

some more spartans at summer ball 2018
These Roman gladiators truly conquered Summerball.

circus costumes at summer ball 2018
We don’t know what’s going on here but we’re loving every bit of it.

image of josh stevenson
Bournemouth students getting lei’d.

corona bottle costumes at summer ball 2018
Dress as a cold one to beat the heat.

german beer wenches at summer ball 2018
Dirndls for days

circus costumes at summer ball 2018
Summerball was a right circus tbf

Wait a minute, weren’t you on yesterday’s list!?

image of mexicans costume at summer ball
Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase party politics.

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