Summer Ball Best Dressed 2018


From Mermaids to M&Ms, Summer Ball had it all this year and we were shook.

Here are 2018’s Best Dressed.

Metallics and ponchos were meant to be together, let’s be honest.


image of Euan Thomas and friends

Oi oi get out your lederhosen for the ladies.


Is this the one? No, just the U1.


the teletubbies at summer ball 2018

Who noo noo the Teletubbies were out at Summerball.


cave men and soldiers at summer ball 2018

Who messed up the theme, hands up now


the flinstones at summer ball 2018

Fred and Wilma of course, what couple goals.


toga party costumes at summer ball 2018

Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!


mike and sully costumes at summer ball 2018

Some exchange students from Monsters University.


donkey rider costumes at summer ball 2018

The guy in the middle was all of us when we saw the queue to get in.


minions costumes at summer ball 2018

Minions… ’nuff said.


toy story costumes at summer ball 2018“Guys, look out! Andy’s coming”


some of the people who came to summer ball dressed as contestants from I'm a Celebrity

Next year’s group of I’m A Celeb…?


some lads dressed as the spice girls at summer ball 2018

Do you remember the Spice Girls? This is them now


m and m's costumes at summer ball 2018



image of vikings costumes at summer ball 2018

Those look like some serious battle scars boys.


part of the mario bros crew at summer ball 2018

Watch out Mario, looks like Bowser’s after your girl.


welsh sheep lovers costume at summer ball

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and boy is this worth all one thousand.


various costumes at summer ball

Is this the new dream team?


image of mermaids costume at summer ball

Ariel brought her crew with her.


image of fried egg costumes at summer ball 2018

This one’s no yoke.

Let us know if the comments who you think deserves the crown of best dressed.
All photos by Maddie Zoe