Style Wins & Fails At The Grammys


This weekend, New York City’s Madison Square had the pleasure of hosting “Music’s Biggest Night”, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. However, while the performances were immaculate on the night, the same couldn’t be said for the outfits being worn. From feathers and sequins to pastels and metallics, Sunday proved to be a sartorial hit and miss, to say the least. Below are the style wins and fails of the night:

Style Wins

Zayn Malik in Richard James


Never one to follow the rules, perennial rebel Zayn Malik once again disregarded the ordinary and adorned a lilac suit gorgeous enough to make you swoon. Ignoring the dull, black tuxedo convention, Malik’s red-carpet look reminded us all that extravagance and eye-popping colours aren’t just for women!

Sza in Atelier Versace and Chopard jewellery


Flowing and seamless as water, Sza looked as if she just stepped out of the sweetest of dreams. Draped in the finest organza and lace, the alluring Versace number both enchanted and raised pulses in equal measure. A perfect marriage of majesty and sex appeal.

Cardi B in Ashi Studio and Messika Paris


Playing with both form and structure, leave it to the artist of the moment Cardi B to come to the Grammy’s looking like a Tate Modern sculptural piece. Combined with the white rose, Cardi B looked as angelic as any human could be, and as if at any moment she could sprout wings and fly away.

Kesha in Nudie’s Rodeo Tailor and Coomi jewellery


Immaculate from head to toe, Kesha suavely defied gender conventions and opted for a western aesthetic with a glamorous twist. The defining feature of her outfit was undoubtedly the glittery disco boots.

Ashanti in Yas Couture by Elie Madi


If dresses could win gold medals then Ashanti’s would win every time! Decadent to say the least, the magical combination of illuminating bronze and speckles of crystals as fine as gold dust, helped gift Ashanti an air of Saudi royalty.

Style Fails

Pink in Armani Privé


Somebody, anybody should’ve reminded Pink that the Grammy’s was supposed to be a sophisticated and glamorous event and not a garish fancy dress party! I mean – HELLO. Simply put, Pink looked like a feather duster explosion. Let’s be honest, her dress would’ve been better suited to spring cleaning than a red-carpet event.

Camryn Howard


Two words – vomit inducing. Am I being too harsh? No way! In fact, the only thing being harsh is Camryn Howard’s jacket on my gag reflexes… Against a tide of black tuxedo’s, Howard might have envisioned and hoped that splashes of purple, red and silver sequins would’ve helped him stand out from the crowd. But, he neglected to consider that it would be for all the wrong reasons! And sir, that jacket was simply all heaps of wrong; a kaleidoscopic monstrosity.

Rachel Antonoff in Prada


Ever wondered what a swan would look like if it moonlighted as a dentist? Well, luckily for you Rachel Antonoff answered that much-pondered question last night. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for experimentation and interesting twists, but if marrying feather plums and cotton shirts are thinking outside of the box, then it needs to placed back in the box and firmly shut – forever. Yes, everyone has their own personal taste, but Rachel’s Prada number was just too tasteless.

 Jenny McCarthy


An unbearable cross-between a cyber-punk and Goth, Jenny McCarthy was dressed as if she belonged in The Matrix or Fifth Element – and certainly not the red carpet! From the mesh to the see-through gloves and black sequins, in all honesty, very few aspects of this outfit could be considered even remotely redeemable. Jenny McCarthy looked stranger than fiction.

Kelly Clarkson in Christian Siriano


Boxy and horrendously old fashioned, Clarkson looked more like a Tudor peasant than the global 21st-century music artist that she is. Unflattering to say the least, the dress also did very little to compliment Clarkson’s frame and made her look awkward at best.