Style File: Maddison Collymore


Course: Fine Art, AUB

How would you describe your style?

I’d say I go for quite a hippy/rock look. My inspiration would be like Jimy Hendrix, I kind of respond to his music in my fashion as well.

Have you always been into fashion?

Yes! My mum was so fashionable when I was younger. She’s such a diva. I guess she used to always dress me up in these crazy things. And when I got older, I started being more experimental with my fashion, especially with my best friend – we just bounced off each other.

What is your number one rule for being stylish?

Wear as many jewels as possible… rings… bracelets…necklaces…all of them.

Stranded on a desert island – three things you’d want?

umm, okay…fun things? Probably l would bring a few books with me as I really love to read. My favourite book is The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. I would probably bring my camera too so I could make some cool film once I got home again. And I don’t know… maybe some weed with me. I wouldn’t mind getting high on a desert island.

Dream date?

Johnny Deep – he has such cool fashion. I love all the rings that he wears… he’s just uhh. He’s just so gorgeous! And I like his films.

Are we alone in the universe?

No. I think we’re a collective. I think there are so many people you can relate to in this world.

Does true love exist?

Yeah, I do believe in true love; if you’re lucky enough to find it.

Best decade for fashion?

For me… I take a lot of inspiration from the 70s. It was just a really cool era… like the music, especially.