Style File: Harriet Edwards


Course: Marketing, BU

How would you describe your style?

I like to always keep it classy. You’ll never see me with lots of cleavage out… that’s one thing. I go for conservatism but I also like to keep it different…I’m a sheep in terms of, if I see somebody who looks really cool I’ll ask them where they get such and such from. But I’m not afraid to push the boundaries, even if I look like a muppet. I just like keeping it fun!    

Have you always been into fashion?

Yes. Unfortunately, growing up my mum would always say to me, “It’s not a fashion show – we need to go!” and I’m like, “mum it’s always a fashion show.” I like looking nice – not for anyone else, just for me. If I’m wearing something stylish, automatically I feel more confident.

What is your number one rule for being stylish?

Just be yourself. It shouldn’t matter what other people think! If you like what you’re wearing, who cares? As long as it’s appropriate…

Best decade for fashion?

The 20s for me…I would love to go back to the 1920s and be a flapper. I would love to be a socialite flapper. Or 70s classic rock…like ripped T-shirts and really skinny jeans.

Best holiday you’ve ever had?

Well, my best friend Millie took me to Paris for my 18th and it was amazing! She’s a model and loves fashion – we love it together. And we just like people watching, all day, while drinking wine. The whole thing was just fabulous. The best way to see people styles is to just look at what people wear every day. In Paris, it could be a Monday or Tuesday and still someone will be wearing something fun…lots of feathers on them, I love it!    

New York, Paris or London?

Goodness! Well, they are all amazing…Paris, for me, because I think it’s very chic. But London for my creativity – no one cares! You could literally go to the supermarket in a big fur coat and hot pants, and you can be like ‘oh yeah, I’m just going out for some milk…’ Casual. New York…I think it depends on where you go. For example, in the upper east side, people are so constricted and the more south you go, the people are more adventures. Actually, I think London. I’m going to say London.

The biggest problem in British society?

What’s interesting now is the gender pay gap, I think that’s something that’s come up. And I think we have this culture of ignoring things if it makes us wince even a little bit, we don’t like to talk about it. I think we have a big problem with race as well, which people like to ignore as well. It’s the same as sexism, people don’t think there is a problem. People need to be way more open and ready to discuss those topics.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

The way the political parties are elected…  There is no particular party I support and when I vote, I’m choosing between the lesser of two evils.