Rosie Wood

Our next interview as part of Nerve Online’s career series is with the wonderfully talented Rosie Wood!

Hi Rosie, thanks so much for answering these questions. What did you study at university, and where are you working now?

I studied Commercial Photography at AUB, graduated in 2015 and am now working as an Assistant Producer at CLM (Camilla Lowther Management). CLM is one of the most influential management agencies in the creative industry, and represents over forty artists that are compromised of photographers, stylists, set designers and multimedia artists.

Did you gain any experience through placements during your time at university?

Yes, as part of my course we had to carry out a minimum of 5 days work experience in the first year – I managed to assist a couple of fashion and portrait photographers.

And how did you find the job searching process post graduation?

Difficult to say the least! I only got the position I have now in October last year (a year and a bit after graduating!) Before then, I did an unpaid internship for 3 months at a production company to gain some initial experience and then continued to freelance for them as well as several others. It involved a lot of emails and meetings on a weekly basis and the worry of not knowing when my next job will be.

You’re now based in London – was this always the plan for you?

Yes, it’s always been a plan of mine since studying a creative subject – here is where the industry is based! Moving to New York or LA to work is on my bucket list though.

What does a normal day at CLM look like?

Anything and everything photo shoot production related, with a little admin on the side. My normal responsibilities include: arranging travel, optioning hair stylists, makeup artists and assistants, updating artist’s portfolios, and managing the social media accounts.

What’s been your best experience to date?

Definitely getting to work both with and for some of the best names in the industry, such as British Vogue.

Lastly, do you have any tips for those searching for a job within the field?

Don’t give up! It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Everything will eventually fall into place. Don’t necessarily cling onto the first opportunity you get – it may not be the right choice for you even if you are feeling desperate. Having some good names on your CV really helps too!

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