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Nerve Online spoke to Macy Fuquay, Social Media Assistant at SANE Communications.

Hey Macy! Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company, and your role at SANE?

I’m an American and a recent Masters Graduate of Goldsmiths in London. I studied Journalism at Arizona State University in the states and I’ve been living in London for just over two years now.

I’ve been in my position as Social Media Assistant for almost a year at SANE Communications, a public relations and digital agency representing over 50 brands in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Some of the clients SANE represent include Wood Wood, Marshall, Our Legacy, Norse Projects, Penfield, and more.

Although I am a member of the two-person social team at SANE, I assist on a great deal of other PR projects in other departments as well.

How did you come about applying for the job, and what was the application process like?

As a graduate student, I needed an internship for one of my courses. I applied to SANE primarily because I love all of the brands they represent and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made for my career.

I interned for a few months as a general PR intern until I started spending more and more time asking to work with the social team. I realised that I actually really enjoyed it and wasn’t too bad at it either, so they offered me a part-time position that turned into a full-time job a few months later!

The application process wasn’t easy for me at all, unfortunately. As an American I can’t simply apply and be hired for a position, I have to apply for a separate UK visa and wait to be accepted for that before I can even begin working at a company. The owners of SANE had to apply for their own license in order to even be able to hire foreigners as well. Let’s just say I was a nervous wreck for a few months earlier this year, but it was worth it and I feel really fortunate to be working for people who put so much time and effort into keeping me around.

What are your main responsibilities and duties?

My main responsibilities involve maintaining all social media sites for a selection of our clients in addition to all SANE social accounts. I work closely with each brand to determine what direction they are looking to move their social accounts creatively, then make and curate content according to this.

Luckily my job doesn’t just require me to sit in an office all day, although there is quite a bit of admin work required. 

Most days I get to roam around London with a camera in my hand, taking photos for clients and creating content for the SANE blog.

My favourite part of my job would have to be interviewing and shooting the amazing creative people that make up the industry for the SANE Journal. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing everyone from small independent shop owners to the womenswear designer of YMC. It really just gives me an excuse to sit down and talk to people I admire about their inspirations and how they see the industry themselves.

What are some of your personal highlights from your job?

My personal highlights are always involved in speaking with a happy client. It is often really difficult to understand what a client wants, as some brands are just starting out and don’t even really know what direction they want to take the brand in general.

When you and a client understand each other, it really is the greatest feeling especially as they are giving you full control over the way people see their brand!

I would also say a huge highlight is when the whole team comes together and pulls off a big event successfully. We have some pretty incredible events under our belt recently, from YMC’s SS17 presentation at London Collections Men (now Mens Fashion Week) earlier this year, an Asics Grime Night with Giggs as a headliner, or our most recent Clarks Originals SS17 Press Day event and party last month.

What advice would you give to someone applying for a job in your field?

I would definitely say make sure you have an internship in PR on your CV, and not just any internship. This is especially important for international applicants, as your internship is the best way to give your employer the confidence that you’re worth sponsoring. It’s much easier for an employer to hire someone they know can do the job than sourcing someone externally.

We have quite a few interns at a time helping us at SANE and watching them come and go now, I’ve realised I could have easily breezed through a few months without learning very much about PR at all. It is extremely important to get to know the people you work for, even making a tea or asking about their weekend goes a long way and will give them more reason to picture you as a member of the team.

You want to have a face, and you want them to be able to  recognise that face when you’re gone

It is also equally important to find what department you are interested in and ask to help with more projects within it. Being the go-to intern is the most ideal position you can be in!

What would you say are the pros and cons of working in the industry?

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. For me, the biggest pro is working for brands that I actually love as it makes It easier getting other people on board as well. You meet some really incredible, talented people working in this industry and most people are genuinely interested in getting to know you as well.

You really can’t beat the parties and free clothes either!

The cons do exist and I do encounter them daily, however, I’ve learned to put it all into perspective and remember that I am only really stressing out over a shirt or a pair of trousers! 

Has working within social media affected your own social media profiles?

It has affected it so much! To be honest, I use my personal social accounts a lot less after starting in this position.

After working full-time in social media, recently I’ve found myself either turning off my phone or forgetting to check it when I get home!

I don’t recommend this to those seeking a position in social media, because I do feel as if your personal social accounts are used a portfolio to a lot of employers. We always check our potential interns’ social accounts to see what sort of content they are capable of making for us. 

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