Industry Insights: Dmitry Gotsfrid, designer


This month we talk to the insanely talented Dmitry Gotsfrid! He’s a recent MA graduate of London College of Fashion and will undoubtedly become a major name in fashion with in the years to come…

Introduce yourself?

I’m Dmitry Gotsfrid. We are a young demi-couture brand. We believe in timeless elegance, quality and craftsmanship in clothes that we design for the woman of the now.

Your personal style icons?

Marlene Dietrich, Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Cate Blanchett, Kirsten Dunst.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Airable, light, elegant but spiky.

What type of person would you want to wear your clothes?

My clothes are inspired by women who are confident, resilient, they appreciate comfort in life and they stay true to themselves.

Is your future goal to be independent or work for a larger design house?   

For now, I want to work for a house and get a lot of practice and gain more knowledge in the field of couture but eventually, I would love to continue the work on my brand.

How has social media affected the life of a designer?

It’s made everything go even faster. And in a way, made it much more difficult and less exciting in some parts.

Do you need to go to university to be a designer?

I don’t think you have too. I know plenty of stories when people start brands without getting a degree.

The most important quality needed to make a career out of design?


If you want to see more of Dmitry’s incredible designs, then you can follow him on Instagram