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The beginning of uni has rolled around way quicker than any of us expected and we’re now well and truly immersed in first semester. Assignments are starting to pile up, deadlines are looming and there is frankly no time left for many of us to outfit prep.
So here are some trustworthy essentials that every student, from first year to fourth year, NEEDS to look chic, feel confident and be comfortable whilst struggling through long days on campus.


Cropped, striped, shark toothed- you name it. You can buy any type of blazer that takes your fancy, but opting for the one that best compliments your personal style will always win. Don a casual jeans and simple tee combo, then throw on a blazer to smarten this look and be ready for unexpected uni meetings. Your new blazer will hide outfit repeats on those lazy days and doubles up as a fitted coat during unreliable seasons, when you don’t want to waddle around campus in a coat big enough to be your duvet. Blazers come in a variety of prices; just fab for a student budget! A blazer will effortlessly take your everyday outfit from 0 to 100.


Chelsea boots can have the same magic effect as blazers: staying timeless year on year; helping you tackle unpredictable weather forecasts and making you look smarter than if you were to just throw on the same old trainers that dawned vinyl dance floor the night before. They also tend to look pricier than they actually are, which is great for those of us who want to channel a high end look.


Some days uni is A LOT of effort. When you’re juggling academic work and societies, you don’t want to invest your thinly spread time and energy in to planning an outfit. So for days like these, the only answer is to reach for your favourite hoodie, statement knit, or anything remotely warm and slouchy. A comfy pastel coloured jumper with large knit detailing, or your very own varsity hoodie. Look edgy yet low maintenance , but stay incredibly comfortable. This is guaranteed to protect you from the cold weather.


One pieces get a big tick for practically. Instead of wasting time choosing a combo when you’re already worryingly late for the next bus, grab your slick jumpsuit (which is a whole outfit in one). There is a lot of variety on the market here. One pieces come in a variety of styles and colours which really works to your advantage. Purchase as many as you like and not look like a serial outfit repeater. They look fashionable, are on trend, and can be affordable too.


Like the one piece, the jumper dress incorporates the speediness of all in one dressing, with the casual elegance of the oversized knit. Jumper dresses are one of the most comfortable item of clothing known (after the onesie, of course) and still resemble a fully fledged example of street style. Plus they are available in an array of designs and colours. Total win here.


Invest in a striped tee or a polka dot mini skirt that you can mix and match for the remainder of this academic year. This pseudo capsule wardrobe is entirely interchangeable and turns the reoccurring worry of whether this top looks utterly ridiculous with these leggings in to a distant memory. The same goes for block colours, such as a plain white T or red mini skirt.

7.   CO-ORDS:

We’ve all seen the denim skirts and jacket co-ords that have been all over fast fashion Instagram this year. Instead of branding them as ‘way too 90’s’ to go for, they’re actually another time saver when dressing, but can also be interchanged with other pieces to not limit their usage.


Sportswear is a big yes on campus. Comfortable, stylish, flattering and athletic. A trusty pair of Nike leggings or an adidas tee are incredibly practical when running from one lecture hall to another on the opposite side of campus. Heading to the gym after class? Then you’re already sorted! If you often feel overdressed or suffocated under layers of accessories, then opt for a simple workout piece to really feel at ease and ready to face the day.


I’ve had many a saga with my bags since the day I walked on campus. Either far too small (only having room for my purse and phone) or too oversized (making sure I awkwardly nudged everyone that I passed as I walked down the bus aisle). The trick here is to opt for a sleek rectangular bag, that can hold A4 books and folders with ease, but still maintain a casual shape. Tote bags are also a big yes if you want to separate your classwork from your personal belongings, and store those hefty books in a reliable bag that you don’t mind about getting worn out or damaged.


Ideally something that won’t break the bank- so you won’t be too devastated when they inevitably get lost or broken on campus. Sunglasses are a renowned stylish accessory that finesse every outfit, but they are also incredibly practical for hiding the tired eyes of a heavy night before. Trust me, being at uni in Bournemouth,with the bright glare of the seaside sun, you’re going to need them!