Fashion Forward Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is two weeks away so it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas. Whether you’re hitting the clubs or chilling at a house party, here are 10 fashionable Halloween costumes ideas that will have you on trend and looking your best.

1. Stranger Things

Stranger things has been a source of Halloween inspiration since season one dropped in 2016 and this year is no different. With the release of season 3 back in July we were gifted the Scoops Ahoy ice cream uniforms. Cute and instantly recognisable these looks are sure to be a fan favourite this Halloween.

2. John Wick

The highly anticipated John Wick 3 came out this year, so take a leaf out of Keanu Reeves book and get yourself an all black power-suit for Halloween. Black turtle neck, black blazer and suit trousers, paired with a black belt, shoes and a slick hair do will have you looking dark, dangerous and ready for action.

3. Fleagbag

That jumpsuit. Need I say more? Fans of multi Emmy award winning Fleabag will be a fan of this Halloween look. Get yourself a black cut-out jumpsuit, some ruby red lips and cigarette (fake for those of you who don’t smoke) and you’re ready to go. It really doesn’t get more sophisticated than this on Halloween.

4. Us – The Teethered

One of the best horror movies released this year Jordan Peele’s, Us, provides some simple but effective Halloween costumes. No matter who you are you can definitely rock this look. All red jumpsuit and a pair of cardboard golden scissors or a white rabbit teddy to accessorise and you’re good to go. A crazy look in the eye and a hoarse voice wouldn’t go amiss either if you really want to get into character.

5. Powerpuff Girls

Grab your best friends and tap into your ’90s nostalgia with these updated Powerpuff Girls looks by StealTheSpotlight. Choose your fighter: Blossom, Buttercup or Bubbles. These looks are perfect for whatever your Halloween plan might be plus the pieces you buy to create the look can easily become a part of your wardrobe year round.

6. Midsommar

One of the mot disturbing films of the year, but also one of the most visually pleasing. The film is centred around the Swedish Midsommar celebration with most of the cast dressed in white garments detailed with primarily red and blue stitching of flowers and patterns of spring. Another prominent feature is the flower crowns worn at the end of the movie for the picking of the May Queen. Beautiful and easy to replicate the traditional dress of Midsommar makes for an interesting Halloween outfit.

7. Horror but Make it Fashion – Hayden Williams

If you want something scarier why not take inspiration from fashion illustrator Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams) who has put a his twist on modern horror icons such as Pennywise, Annabelle and Jigsaw. A more fashionable take on the traditional horror Halloween outfits these looks are perfect for those who are fans of the genre and have a creative streak.

8. Kakeguri

Popular Netflix Anime Kakeguri has lots of potential for Halloween, with a wide array of characters, each sporting their own individual style of the school uniform, there’s plenty of room to play around. Basic red blazer, white shirt and black skirt to start, then pick you favourite character and copy their accessories, and voila, you’re ready to go.

9. Euphoria

Another fashion forward idea from Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams) with his illustrations of the Euphoria characters. These looks are ideal for those who enjoy bold or glittery make-up looks. They also offer flexibility, in that you don’t have to wear the exact same clothes, but rather you can capture the essence of these looks by picking pieces that suit your personal style and preference.

10. Hitchcock Films

If you’re a movie buff, particularly of Horror, then Alfred Hitchcock’s films – The Birds and Psycho – are great sources of inspiration. Easy, fun, creative and spooky these outfits tick all the Halloween boxes.