Fashion at the BAFTAs

Unfortunately, in previous years BAFTA has often been seen as the warm-up act to the far more prestigious main attraction, the Oscars. But last night BAFTA proved all the naysayers wrong by showing its American cousin that when it comes to sparkle, flair and all things fashionable, the stars in the Albert Hall could take our breath away quicker than anyone else could. Below are some of my favourite fabulous outfits that were out to dazzle last night.

Anya Talor-Joy

Looking like a Greek Goddess stepping down from Mount Olympus, for just one night, Anya Taylor-Joy wowed in a gorgeous Gucci gown. The combination of delicate tulle and the decadence of an embroidered tiger was the very definition of elegance, and not only fitting for a red carpet but also a movie screen.

Taylor Hill

Model of the moment Taylor Hill sent pulses racing with a sleek and sexy satin number. Covered from head to toe, except for a hint of flesh courtesy of an exposed back, the dress screamed sophistication with just the right amount of sex appeal. Also, the silver chain added some rebellious edge to an otherwise angelic look.

Daisy Ridley

Plucked from obscurity for her role in Star Wars, last night Daisy Ridley showed once again that even away from the movie screen she was Hollywood royalty in the making. Her black and red dress with floral panels was equally understated yet charming and memorable.

Emily Blunt

National treasure Emily Blunt might recently have been the Girl on the Train, but last night in her Alexander McQueen show stopper she was the girl wowing on the red carpet. Elegant in black ruffles and an ode to beautiful mother nature, if outfits could get Oscars, Emily Blunt would win every time.

Sophie Turner

Shimmering metallics, plunged neck line and a slit running seductively all the way up her thigh, Sophie Turner was both the epitome of glamour and sex appeal. The Game of Thrones actress left very little to the imagination, but honestly, who cares about imagination when stunning Stark looked this damn good!

Edited by Olivia Thurlow