Date Night Essentials

February – aka bae season – is truly upon us and that means grabbing the closest hunk and going on some unforgettable dates. But wait, the dating game has changed a lot since our parents used to paint the town red. In and amongst dating apps, casual hook ups, flings and finding the one, the current dating landscape has become practically unrecognisable to all previous generations before us, which means finding the right outfit for the occasion has increasingly become a minefield. However, you’re just in luck, because your style godfather is here ready to help you expertly navigate the stylistic chaos of the modern scene, with this guide to the perfect get-ups for each type of date – just in time for Valentines day!

First real life meet-up after flirting on Tinder

Mocha suede pencil skirt and nude bodysuit…

You loved how his muscles practically bulged out of his shirt in his PP and he SO gets your banter, so the time has finally come to put the phones away and meet up in IRL. But what to wear!? This decision is crucial, it’s the fine line between him thinking catfish and him thanking his lucky stars he swiped right. The suede skirt/nude bodysuit paring is the perfect combination of sexiness and sophistication and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The only thing left to worry about now are those pesky awkward silences.

Hanging out

Satin bomber jacket and grey turtle neck…

But what does it actually mean though!? Quite possibly the most annoying types of dates or is it even a date… is it serious or is it casual? Will it lead to exclusivity or him ghosting on you afterwards? Whilst your head is a chaotic storm of questions, at least you know this outfit ensures you look chic, laid back and bang on trend. And of course it reminds the guy exactly what he could be missing (all of this honey *hair flick) if he doesn’t have the sense to text you back the next day.

Netflix and Chill

V-Neck Shift Dress…

A shift dress is pretty much a pyjama you get to wear in public, #winning. Cosy and cute, this low-key get up is an absolute must for clocking up major couch time with bae. It’s easy to throw on without too much fuss and can easily be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorise it – major points. So whilst you can sleep comfortably in it, you can also rock it home the next day with confidence as you take your walk of pride.

Low-key friends party

Denim Dress and ripped jeans combo (Yes double denim… don’t pull that face! Girl, just trust me.)…

No one wants to be that one girl, who rocks up to a super casual gathering dressed like she’s ready for prom… Low-key house parties are some of the hardest dates to navigate stylistically – you want to score major cool points with your BF’s friends by looking trendy and on point, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it and look like a total try hard…hmm outfit conundrums. Well, lucky for you, there is the perfect compromise – the denim dresses and ripped jeans combo (you’re welcome). On fleek and edgy yet casual, the denim dress says everything you need an outfit to say AND more, leaving you to impress your BF’s friends with your expert football knowledge (Harry Kane plays for Arsenal, right?).

The Date Night

Floral print dress…

Lights. Camera. Action…it’s show time, girl. After a long a** week of stressing over deadlines and attending dull lectures that make you want to zzz,  it’s finally time to glam up and go on a proper date with that tall, chocolate Adonis you’re lucky enough to call your significant other. The date night is the perfect opportunity to ramp up the style stakes and take your outfit game to a whole other level – introducing the floral print dress. Funky and floral fresh, who needs yet another boring and cliché LBD, when this cool girl look can bring a room to a standing ovation. Sure it’s cold outside, but with this dress you can ensure you’re ramping up the heat indoors, whilst you exchange steamy glances with bae across the table all night long.