10 Fashion Female Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram


By: Adebimpe Adenusi

From Boho chic looks shot in exotic locations to girls breaking the fashion stereotype and minimalist blondes, see our top pick of female fashion bloggers you should follow on Instagram.



Hannah Whiting


Blog: Too much is not enough

Hannah Whiting’s style gives us a retro vibe and unique outfits that we will all want to copy. From fur to embroidery, leather to animal prints, Hannah is serving us looks that we love.


Mpho Lebajoa


Snapchat: mpholebajo

Mpho Lebajoa’s style will make you completely revaluate your wardrobe! Not only is she always in an exotic location, Mpho can make anything look amazing. Whether you’re girly or edgy, boho or classy, Mpho has a look that you’ll definitely want to recreate.


Passion Jonesz


Website:Passion Jonez Online

Passion Jonesz shows us that big girls look just as good as everyone else. She rocks every outfit and oozes confidence. Passion always looks tres chic!


Saufeeya Goodson


Snapchat: @iamfeeeeya

Saufeeya Goodson is the queen of dressing modestly. She knows how to dress up and dress down and we totally love her for it. Her style is super cute and we will definitely be following her on Instagram.


Nyané Lebajoa


Website: Nyane

Nyané Lebajoa is the personification of style. From her silver hair to her intricate henna, Nyané is always creating a new look that we want to try ourselves. Like her twin sister Mpho, Nyané is always in a holiday spot and we want to travel the world looking as good as her!


Lana Alicia


Website: Lana Alicia

Lana Alicia has a feminine but edgy style that we love! Lana looks good in everything and has an outfit for every occasion. We love her Instagram feed!


Meli Munchi


Meli Munchi has a style we can’t get enough of! Her style is minimalistic and she knows how to accessorise perfectly. We’ll be stealing some of her looks, for sure!


Desthy Dee


YouTube: Desthy Dee

Desthy Dee has a style that will leave you feeling like it’s summer all the time. Her style will give you California vibes and her looks will leave you addicted. We’re obviously going to be following her on Instagram.


Dennaya Famous


Website: Dennaya Famous

Dennaya Famous has a style that is completely different from any that you’ve seen. Her street style is super cool, edgy and will have you putting things together like you never thought you would.


Ankita Bhardwaj


VSCO: Aankitab

Ankita Bhardwaj loves making sure her Punjabi culture is shown through her style. From the beautiful bhindi’s to the gorgeous makeup looks, Ankita is someone who’s Instagram page you want to look at. Looking at her outfits will let you know one thing; you can never have too many accessories.