This Week: Arts by the Sea

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This weekend Arts by the Sea kicked off it’s 8th annual festival with an incredible light show, installations throughout the town and lots of alien robots. The fun continues all throughout this week – here’s what not to miss!

This week is again full of quirky things as part of Arts by the Sea which will leave you unable to claim boredom. Everywhere you go you’ll be unable to not be immersed in the festival. Don’t miss it!

Monday 1st October

Picnic Park Sessions (until Thursday), Picnic Park Deli, 11am-5pm

This refuge from the hectic atmosphere is the perfect way to reboot before your next festival event. Live music and drinks is so simple, but oh so enjoyable.

Tuesday 2nd October

Depth of Field: Research through Film, BU (every day this week), Town Square, 12pm-6pm

Arts by the Sea is showcasing talent from BU this week as they display a series of short films created by students and academics. There is certainly a film for everyone as illustration, art and documentaries all will take the spotlight. Be sure not to miss out on the TV Riddles in between showings too, which will be sure to get your mind going. Check out the schedule here! (check the dates!)

Wednesday 3rd October

SEXBOX, Pavillion Dance South West, 7pm (£12)

This critically acclaimed show will be right here in Bournemouth this Wednesday. The sensual dance will leave your eyes ‘softly spanked’. This incredible choreography explores ranch, sexuality, liberation and sensuality all in one powerfully beautiful show. Buy tickets here.

Thursday 4th October

BFX, BIC, 9.30am (most days this week)

This huge special effects festival is not to be missed and is actually going on most days this week. From animation, computer games and illustration, this unique festival is for all those who love everything special effects. Plus, there is a Star Wars Screening and Q&A, so rush to see if there are any tickets left!

Sunset at the Museum, Russell Cotes Art Gallery, 6pm

Yes, you’re literally watching the sunset. However, since the museum is set up on the cliff you’ll be able to see the pier and sunset in one beautiful landscape and you’re sure to come away loving a good sunset even more than you already did. Check out more details here.

Friday 5th October

Cupid’s Revenge by the New Art Club, Pavillion Dance South West, 7.30pm (£8)

The comedy dance company closes the week with a dance that defends love in a time when love is commercialised to make money at every opportunity. The choreography will make you laugh and is sure to leave you in awe of what just happened right in front of your eyes. Get your tickets here!

This week is sure to offer so much more weird and whacky things that you will keep going back for. This year’s festival offers more than the previous eight years, and that’s a high target to beat! This spectacular alien invasion in our very own town is here for one week only, so give it a miss. It’s so worth it!