TRIPLE COOKED: A Deep Fried Disco

Deep Fried

It may have been Triple Cooked and Deep Fried, but was it well done?

After a month of mostly typical propaganda theme nights (and a disappointing lack of Super Hans), Triple Cooked came to Bournemouth’s Old Fire station with their Deep Fried Disco event. Intent on delivering a different kind of night out for the venue that specialised in house and techno music. But what did the actual event have to offer and more importantly was it worth it?


Upon arriving on the dancefloor I was greeted by purple, red and blue lights and kitsch 50’s and 80’s paraphernalia. Rubik’s cubes hung from the ceiling, the DJ booth was housed in a cardboard Jukebox, with a cardboard Grease style car by its side and seaside refreshments signs were placed around the room. Which made me long for burgers, fries and 5 cent ice cream cones. There was even a seaside style vendor hawking visor hats and sunglasses. It all did wonders to evoke a truly retro style and feeling, which did well to offset the abysmal weather outside.

Candy Coloured Trimmings at the Deep Fried Disco

The Night

The dancefloor began to fill up at around 11:15 and before long the club was almost full. Even the front of house bar had a large amount of people to contend with. With the place brimming with life the strobe lights came on and smooth bass drops became the order of the day. This definitely, pleased the guests. They pumped the air and grooved in what little space was available to them, to remixes of classic tracks from Michael Jackson and Abba while also enjoying thumping tracks courtesy of Block & Crown, Milk & Sugar and Vhyce, just to name a few. This effective mixing ensured a large variety to please the patrons.

Helping to pull the night off were several DJ’s who cycled around during the night. Each one giving off a good personality and showing off their mixing styles. This helped to change things up every so often and kept the energy flowing. And further enjoyment came from several incidents of stage dancing – which got the audience more fired up.

When your shirt is just as loud as the music

However, while the speaker shaking music did provide enjoyment at times it did become slightly repetitive. With many tracks blurring together. Which did lessen my personal enjoyment. Coupled with this, aside from the decorations and the choice of music the night did feel similar to many other club theme nights. And although the DJ styles differed slightly, overall most felt very similar. Though this definitely did nothing to stop the audience from having a good time and these are more personal preferences than anything.

Was it worth it?

So after all the hype surrounding the event was the night worth it? On a personal level I do feel that the similarity of most of the music was a dissapointment. And aside from the focus on house music the night didn’t do enough to set itself apart from many of its counterparts. However that is just my opinion and despite this, the night was definitely worth it for fans of classic house music and people who wanted a generally good time. The retro aesthetic and different DJ’s created a nice atmosphere that flowed well and made the night hugely enjoyable. Overall, despite my criticisms the Deep Fried Disco was a well-done event that I enjoyed. And it definitely made the public happy.