Top 5 WTF Moments from The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale

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Warning: Spoiler’s ahead!

The Walking Dead season 7 has finally come to an end, and although it may not have been the most eventful season of the show, it’s character development, action and zombies were enough to keep its audience gripped. The season 7 finale titled: “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” attracted over 11 million viewers and it’s no mystery as to why, with all the drama heating to boiling point.

Here is Nerve Online’s list of the finale’s top WTF moments:

5. Redemption for Dwight? – There is a reason for the ‘Dwight is a douche team’, however, you can’t help but feel bad for the man for all the physical and mental torture he goes through every single day from Negan. And the reason why he’s made it on to this list is because it is made pretty obvious that there will be a Dwight redemption arc in the next season – he’s a very interesting character, and it will be really interesting to see his relationship develop with Daryl because although, the two were very much enemies at the beginning of the season, they are more – for a lack of a better word- ‘frenemies’ at the end, highlighted by the chess piece he left for Daryl and saying that he didn’t know about a lot of the stuff that Negan had planned for them. Dwight has had a pretty harrowing season and it’s really a big WTF moment every time he shows a little bit of humanity.

4.Michonne versus the ‘Crazy Garbage woman’ – We have never been so scared for Michonne’s life as much as we were when she was fighting this woman. Michonne got beaten to a pulp to the point where for a second it was really believable that Michonne may not have survived. But the moment she says ‘We are the ones who live’ was one of the greatest moments of the episode because it hailed back to a conversation she had with Rick in which they mentioned this exact same line, and although Michonne was beat to all hell, at least she is alive.

3.Eugene v Glenn – The fact that Eugene betrayed Rick was a major stab in the back, and the scene where Eugene says ‘I am Negan’ was extra painful. But at the end of the episode Maggie references the journey from season 1 episode 1 where Glenn decides to save Rick and start this whole thing off. It was a great WTF moment because of the contrast between Eugene and Glenn – you have one guy who has abandoned his family in order to not be killed, then another who essentially helped create the family that Rick and Maggie and everyone else is a part of now. It was a real tear-jerking moment because Maggie has probably lost the most in the last few seasons, and she was the one that was encouraging Rick to move forward. At the risk of seeming to soppy, it was a beautiful scene.

2.Shiva to the rescue – Probably my personal favourite moment of the season, when Shiva comes barrelling through to attack Negan and save Carl from Lucille – thank god, Carl’s death would have been real devastating – It was a truly epic scene where Rick’s crew, Hilltop and the Kingdom exploded onto the scene in an epic battle. Some fans on the internet have said that they would have preferred to have a whole episode of just this fight rather have a half-an-hour build up to the fight, but we think it made for a better WTF moment! This scene also made it to the list because it is really rare for big groups to unite for a common goal, so the fact that these big groups got together and beat the crap out of Negan’s posse was very satisfying. Also, Carol was too awesome for words with her fighting skills.

1.Sasha’s death – Deaths are not that uncommon in Walking Dead, and some have been especially gruesome and heart breaking (yes I am talking about Glenn). But Sasha’s death felt very different from other deaths because even though we feel sad that we have lost a great character and ally, the fact that she sacrificed herself and went straight for Negan was probably one of the best scenes from the show altogether. The fact that she took the pill in order to prevent herself from being bate to her friends, and to essentially save them was one off the most ‘badass’ things on the show so far, and it was a real shame that she couldn’t rip Negan’s face off. RIP Tara, you will be missed.

R.I.P Glenn!

These are Nerve Online’s Top WTF moments from the season 7 finale. If you agree with the Nerve team or would like to share your top WTF moments from the finale tweet us @NerveOnline.