‘Let’s just get back together, we should’ve never broke up’ JLS Are Back!


Written by Kenny Ekundayo

‘I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. What else could it be?’

Have you heard the great news? JLS are coming back for a reunion tour! According to reports, JLS – who broke up in 2013 – are having a comeback tour and are open to creating new music. Sounds like a dream come true right?!

For those of you who don’t know who JLS are – here’s a refresher. They came to fame on The X Factor, coming second place to Alexandra Burke in 2008. The members include Aston Merrygold, JB Gill, Marvin Humes and Ortise Williams. Since their breakup, Aston and Ortise have tested the water with solo careers whilst Marvin and JB have pursued new careers in presenting and hosting.

To celebrate their impending reunion and to prepare for their upcoming tour, here’s a top 5 list of JLS classics – some of which may be dear to your heart.

Number 5: She Makes Me Wanna ft Dev (2011)

This song is from JLS’ third album ‘Jukebox’. It was their 5thnumber one hit and was nominated for ‘Best British Single’in the 2012 Brit Awards. And if that isn’t enough for you, the music video takes place during the T4 on the Beachfestival. Who doesn’t love a good beach party? As the song says, let’s hope JLS’ tour makes it from ‘London to Jamaica, LA to Africa!’

Number 4:  Love you more (2010)

This was from JLS’ second album ‘Outta This World’and was their 4thnumber one in the charts. It became the 2010 Children in Needcharity single, grabbing the hearts of many fans around the globe. Love you more is one of JLS’ slow songs that was sure to have your pre-teen self crying over that long-lost love.

Number 3: Beat Again (2009)

This song was JLS’ debut single after finishing The X Factor. Not only did it reach number one in the UK singles chart, it also reached number 3 in the Republic of Ireland! And for you true, die-hard JLS fans, you would’ve noticed that this article is named (quite fittingly) after the chorus of this song.

Number 2: One Shot (2010)

This is another one of JLS’ slow ones, reaching number 6 in the UK charts and A-list on BBC Radio 1’s playlist. One Shotis from their first album and really gives you the classic ‘boy band’ vibes with the spotlight, choreography and mic stands. All they needed were matching outfits and they could’ve been Boyz II Men.

Here are some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the top 5 cut, but are still great hits!

The Last Song (2010)

Superhero (2010)

Tightrope (2009)

And finally,

Number 1: Everybody in Love (2009)

Of course this song would be number 1! When you ask people what JLS their favourite JLS song, this is by far the most remembered. With over 600,000 copies sold in the UK, Everybody in Lovebecame a platinum song for JLS. It was their 2ndnumber one single and rightfully so – it’s got a feel-good vibe that definitely would’ve had everyone up on their feet!

So there you have it, JLS’ top five hits! I hope this pulled at your heart strings and brought back some great memories.

Let’s hope the JLS members confirm the news soon and get dates for their tour out ASAP!