Your thoughts on Summer Ball 2018


Everyone does Summer Ball a little differently. You might get the first coach there and the last coach back whereas others may only stay for a couple of hours and a few VK’s. 

But what unites us all is the music, the atmosphere and the sheer amount of people there. We’ve gathered the thoughts of some festival-goers to showcase what us students truly thought about SUBU’s 2018 event:

image of josh stevenson

“I’m absolutely loving it! I have all my friends here, I have some wonderful people around. And it’s my 21st Birthday! I’m really looking forward to seeing MK.”

Josh Stevenson, Television Production

image of Euan Thomas and friends

“It’s a laugh, good fun! We’re having a good time, getting a few drinks in and having a good time.”

Euan Thomas (and friends), Media Production

image of juan at summer ball 2018

“Amazing, amazing. It’s a bit different from last year, the line-up’s a bit different but it’s always good to have my friends. It’s going to be a good one. I’m looking forward to MK and Friction. Friction is going to be mad.”

Juan De Mata, Finance and Economics

image of george glyde and friends at summer ball 2018

“Just getting really drunk to be honest with you. Went to pres earlier, got the speakers out, it’s been a good day. I personally want to see Jaguar Skills but MK’s on at the same time so it’s a bit of a clash.”

George Glyde, Media and Communications