Why Suddenly Funk is one of the best nights in Bournemouth


Toss away all the cringey, cheese room bangers or the house chart hits and get ready to embrace a new kind of night out.

On select Thursdays, The Old Fire Station opens its doors to one of its coolest, grooviest and all-out wildest nights ever.

If Lollipop is a student staple, then Suddenly Funk is entirely different gravy.

Last Thursday was no different. Suddenly Funk: The First Fiesta, was a phenomenal mix of big-ass balloons, banging tunes and groovy dance moves.

And with such a high quality production, you would probably assume that this is one of the more expensive nights out in town, but you’d be wrong.

For £3 guest list – or £4 for an advanced ticket, you’re paying the same price for most student nights. Here, you are paying low prices for a one of a kind experience. Not many club nights can boast a loyal following like Suddenly Funk does, and it’s about time it was met with the popularity it deserves.

I mean what other club night plays clips of the International Man of Mystery Austin Powers whilst banging tune after tune modern funk? Who else dares to mix disco, house and funk into one super-banger?

Suddenly Funk defies all expectations; and quite frankly, deserves a status amongst some of the best Bournemouth nights out.