SUBU shares first ever Summer Ball Survivors photo


Getting to the survivors photo after Summer Ball is often harder than it sounds. It’s often much more likely that you will be sprawled across your bed, covered in glitter and fast asleep at 5am. It’s a long day, and even if you want to get that picture, it’s just sometimes not realistic!

This year there were loads of you who made it to the pier for the glory photo. It shows that you can handle yourself after a long day of drinking. You can stay up until 5am. You are better than the other 7,000 who went to Summer Ball. You are the best.

Survivors photo 2019, from SUBU Summer Ball on Facebook

It is very surprising that so many people managed to hold onto their costumes for the whole day, particularly the girls dressed as beach huts and that sea of balloons in the back.

Obviously, Summer Ball has been going on for a little while. It’s a huge tradition and part of your Bournemouth University identity to have crazy day full of music, free fairground rides and food. It’s much better than getting all dressed up in a tux, if you ask me.

This morning SUBU shared the first ever survivors photo from 1994. Perhaps the quality from this year is a little better, but apart from people in suits and the pier, I can’t help but notice that if you look at what lots of people are wearing, it could just be a grainy photo from the early hours of Sunday morning.

Photo taken from SUBU on Facebook.

Did you make the survivors photo this year?