Say goodbye to Youtube ads

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Finally, the dreaded 30 seconds you have to wait to watch a Youtube video will be leaving us in 2018.

It was announced by Google that these time-consuming ads, which are sometimes unable to skip, will no longer be embedded by the social media site.

It is believed that, by removing the ads, that advertisers will be forced to produce high quality content, encouraging them to make more creative commercials.

Google, owner of Youtube, made this decision based on the concept that customers will find the site more entertaining and engaging once the plan is implemented.

Other formats to display adverts will be introduced, in order for users of the online platform to receive a better experience when watching ads.

The “bumper” adverts, as they call them, that last for six seconds, will be added onto more videos, so customers won’t have to wait anywhere near as long to watch desired videos.

On the other hand, the 15- and 20-minute ads will still exist on the site.

As many users of the site watch Youtube via mobile phones, those with a contract holding a smaller data plan are affected by these unskippable ’30-second’ adverts.

Youtube Ad

An “unskippable” advert on Youtube

Of course, long advertisements having to be watched by viewers allow companies to raise attraction towards their products.

However, this can actually deter users of Youtube away due to being impatient and purely wanting to watch a specific video without disruption.

It doesn’t grant much advantage to those wishing to use Youtube, but only interrupts their enjoyment of the social media site’s purpose: purely to watch and to be entertained by videos, whether it be educationally or socially.

Facebook are also up against Youtube for competition, having announced that they are testing “mid-roll” adverts, which lets advertisers insert ads after users have watched 20 seconds of a video.

Let the next 10 months move quickly, please!