Review: Zayn Malik’s “Like I Would”

Zayn Malik

Two weeks before the release of Zayn’s solo album, the ex-One Direction star has given fans another taste of what he’s capable of.

If you’ve followed Nerve’s posts over the last few weeks, you’ll know that I’ve given both of Zayn Malik’s previous singles – Pillowtalk and It’s You – rave reviews. The most prominent thing I’ve mentioned with each of these releases has been how utterly different they’ve been both from each other and from the One Direction material we’re used to hearing from the ex-boy band member.

Now, Zayn has treated fans to another new record ahead of the release of his debut solo album Mind of Mine, this time coming at the music industry from yet another angle. We’ve seen falsetto ridden ballads and R’n’B beats from the solo artist in the past few weeks, and this time new single Like I Would brings an element of the dancefloor filler. Think of it as what Sorry was for Justin Bieber – the song that jump starts the album and brings the whole thing crashing into pop culture.

With lyrics resonating the oh so overdone theme of heartbreak, Like I Would asks the girl in question if her new fella would love her like Zayn would. The party pop anthem backing track offers the perfect chart topping sparkle, and the distinct differences between this song and the other two releases we’ve heard from Zayn so far shows both the man’s vast musical talents, as well as furthering the assumption that we cannot yet say for sure what genre the Mind of Mine album will sit. All we do know is that is almost certainly going to be interesting, different, and incredibly good.

The song is a bonus track from the musician’s LP, only available to fans purchasing the deluxe edition of the album, though the audio has also been posted on Zayn’s YouTube channel.

You can listen to Zayn Malik’s Like I Would below.