Octopus takes over Bournemouth’s town hall as part of Arts by the Sea 2018

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The highly anticipated showings of Silicon Shores by The Colour Project attracted hundreds of people as they braved the cold over the weekend. Huge crowds gathered in Town Hall’s car park to watch the building light up as part of this year’s Arts by the Sea Festival.

Internationally acclaimed, The Colour Project has showcased their work from Russia to Dubai, and from Liverpool to London. After finally landing in Bournemouth, their latest installation, Silicon Shores, showcased scenes from the depths of the ocean and the internet.

Using projection mapping, the artists behind Silicon Shores crafted the piece to be specifically projected onto Bournemouth Town Hall. Every part of the building’s face was taken into consideration as the lower windows became aquariums and railings morphed into bridges for futuristic robots to traverse.

Despite the installation’s seemingly innocent, childlike beginning featuring a pink octopus who can’t quite plug a USB cord in properly, the piece soon became very dark. It depicted scenes of a decaying society, filled with rubbish and overrun with robots and mechanical whales.

From a coral reef to a pixellated world, Silicon Shores explored the scope of human impact on this planet.

After the huge turn-out, it’s possible The Colour Project may return for next year’s festival. In the meantime be sure to look at Nerve’s guide Arts by the Sea for this week.