Nick Mulvey Live Gig Review


Nick Mulvey wowed the O2 Academy with a message of hope for worried times.

Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un fighting over who’s got the biggest nuclear missiles. Humanitarian crises across the globe. Theresa May making a mess of Brexit. Heck, Brexit itself! These are indeed worried times. Thankfully, the warm hearted Nick Mulvey offers a message of hope and compassion in the form of his new album ‘Wake Up Now’.

Seriously, look at the size of that bass!

His arrival on stage at the O2 Academy in Boscombe last Sunday was preceded by the burning of incense – perhaps to ward off bad omens, perhaps just because it smelt nice. Either way, it set the tone for an evening of chilled vibes and spirited singalongs. Mulvey was joined onstage by 5 other musicians for most of his set, each of whom helped enrich the sound of his beautiful vocals and stellar guitar work. A special mention goes to the bassist who at one point whipped out the FATTEST acoustic bass guitar I have ever seen.

The band played a good mix of the new album and hits from the first like ‘Fever to the form’ and ‘Meet me there’. Mulvey’s sound has clearly been influenced by his time spent studying music in Cuba during his teens. His music is all rhythmic guitar chords and smooth vocals. A highlight of the evening was when the band exited the stage leaving Nick to serenade the crowd with perhaps his most popular song, ‘Cucurucu’. Check out the clip below for a taster:

About midway through his set, Mulvey explained how he approached his songwriting. “I try to create messages in my songs, messages that I don’t see enough of in the world. Like how we should all look within ourselves, and be more honest about who we are and what we want from this life.” His lyrics often reflect this sentiment. “Oh come on,” go the words of new song ‘Unconditional’, “It was right here all along. What you’re looking for is never gone.” Besides being beautiful music (that’s perfect to study to by the way), Mulvey’s songs soar with a sense of optimism and buoyancy which makes them the perfect antidote to a world filled with pessimism. I highly recommend that you check him out.

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