San. Marlo Drop Their Brand New EP ‘Un’


Bournemouth based San. Marlo have quickly made their mark on the UK alternative scene having recently released their brand new EP ‘Un’.

With a sound that offers quivering guitar riffs and thick baselines, inspirations from both the chilled out seaside and some darker depths can be heard.

‘Reflections of Youth’, the EP’s opening number, has an ominous sound, a vibe which is reflected throughout the album. The heavy drum-driven track and accompanying bass line successfully kickstarts the EP. This sound is later balanced out by softer vocals provided by frontman Conor Fox. The diversity in sound is something that sets apart the EP from other indie/alternative music. It goes deeper and is more thoughtful than a lot indie clique tracks currently on the market. The track has been skilfully constructed, with chorus so catchy, its likely this could be a hit anthem for the four-piece.

‘Dreaming’ is up next which has a satisfying thick base riff to introduce it, again being balanced out by the same, lighter guitar riffs. Once again the lyrics are catchy, though this is not to suggest that they are superficial in anyway as they still come across honest and interesting to listen too. The atmospheric vibe this track has makes it one of their most memorable on the EP. It is definitely one to be jamming to this summer!

This intent is then continued to the third track ‘Fin, Pt.1’ which has a really genuine sound. This track avoids the temptation to add reverb to the vocals in order to maintain the ‘hazy’ vibe to accompany this slower track. Instead the band project a more stripped-back sound, focussing on vocals whilst showing us another sound they can venture too.

The third track is far more laid back, easing out nicely into a much weightier final track ‘Ven, Pt.2’. This thicker and bitter toned track is a nice contrast, which rounds off the album and finalises their sound.

‘Un’ is definitely an EP listened to in two halves, the first two tracks being catchy and similar whilst the last two demonstrating where the band can take their sound. Within these 4 tracks, the four-piece have created an intriguing and exciting sound for themselves while drawing on influences from other alternative bands. This EP provides the Bournemouth based quartet with a unique and distinctive edge, attracting them the attention they deserve. 

These songs are definitely worth vibing along to live and you can catch them this Friday (16th of June) at Chaplins and The Cellar Bar. Take a peak at their music video ‘Dreaming’ below:

Listen to Un on Spotify or iTunes

Album artwork by Kech Wo @illustration_nkw