Nerve’s New Music Monday – 01/01/2018


Happy New Year and Happy New Music Monday! The show may not be returning to the airwaves on Nerve Radio until next Monday but Joshua Coase is on hand to bring you the best new releases to kick off 2018!

You can view his favourite new tracks he picked for this week along with some artist/track information below!

Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

 Gavin James – Hard To Do

Gavin Wigglesworth, who goes by Gavin James as his stage name is an Irish singer-songwriter who has twice won the Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year award.

You may have seen his latest single, Hard to Do, featured on Spotify’s new music playlist over the past couple of weeks and it is certainly a captivating guitar ballad.

Gavin’s voice has a strong Irish lilt, similar sounding to that of Steve Garrigan, Kodaline’s lead singer. This song certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on one of their albums.

If you’re a fan of love ballads and powerful vocals which perfectly accompany an acoustic guitar, then you will definitely like Gavin’s new release.

Whethan – Aftertaste (Feat. Opia)

18-year-old Ethan Snoreck has just released his latest single to end a breakthrough 2017.

Aftertaste features a strong synth bass line, as well as funky piano and guitar riffs, which combine to make a fun and interesting creation by the young American DJ from Chicago.

Collaborating with the group Opia, this track has a slow and intriguing buildup which drops and swiftly changes tempo, keeping your ears engaged as you listen and wait to see where this musical journey takes you next.

This is definitely a track to add your New Year’s pre drinks playlists and make sure you check out the rest of Whethan’s tracks.

Dr Vades – You’re The One

It’s not often that I include a dance track in my list but this is certain to be a great club hit to kick start 2018!

Dr Vades is a East London production duo who have a knack at producing great house tracks and this remix of SWV’s classic R&B hit You’re The One does not disappoint.

Being a fan of SWV and their soulful up-tempo tracks, I was surprised to see that the duo chose to produce a remix for this song as it marks a change in their usual musical style, but it certainly works as a fun dance track which deserves to be played in night clubs!

Good Charlotte – Awful Things

I’m trying to include a diverse range of music to start the new year, so here’s some alternative rock from Good Charlotte.

The band returned from an extended break back in 2016 with their sixth studio album Youth Authority and have recently released this track as a tribute.

Awful Things is a track originally by Lil Peep, who tragically passed away in November after an accidental drug overdose.

In a statement to accompany the tribute video, the band said: “Every now and then a new artist comes along, who you know is sure to change music,” they said.

“Lil’ peep was one of those artists. We were excited to find out that we shared a love of the same bands, and that he was a fan of GC.

“We looked forward to the possibility of touring together in the new year, and were excited to share our stories and maybe even make some music together.”

The Endorphins – Enough

This duo caught my attention after they released their debut single via Majestic Casual, titled Ms. Right Now.

That track, released in August, stood out to me as being a great, quirky R&B song and I was under the impression that The Endorphins were an established group but was surprised to find that this was their only release.

That is until now, after the release of the track Enough in December. Get on down and start dancing to this song to welcome in 2018!

Malia – Naked

Chilled out, stripped-back vibes with soft, smooth vocals, Naked is a delightful new track from singer-songwriter Malia.

The artist originally born in Malawi has released six studio albums and she is blessed with a wonderful voice, with an elegant and effortless falsetto.

This track deliciously blends her vocals with funky guitar riffs and soft synths and is a perfect track to listen to when sitting back and relaxing.

Manic Focus – Potatoes and Steak

In recent times I’ve grown fonder of instrumental tracks, especially ones which progress and build into interesting melodic journeys, Potatoes and Steak certainly fits the bill.

For starters, this song has a great name, but aside from that it’s a dance track which again is perfect for a pre drinks playlist.

Manic Focus is an electronic producer who also hails from Chicago, just like Whethan. John McCarten is his real name and he will be taking his Manic Focus project on tour in January and February, performing across the States.

Rapman – 2017 Wrap Up

This song doesn’t need much introduction. If you’re already missing 2017 or just want a fun recap of the big events of a memorable year, the good and the bad, give a listen to this track by Rapman.

Joshua Coase’s Album Of The Week

Francis and the Lights – Just for Us

Francis Farewell Starlite is a one-man alternative R&B artist who has frequently collaborated with Drake, Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper.

He is also a well-respected artist in his own right and this new album release has come as a complete surprise, after only announcing that he would be dropping it just a few days after Christmas.

This is his first release since his 2016 album, Farewell, Starlite! His music is certainly an intriguing blend of minimalistic, soothing synth sounds with vocals which sound like a cross between Randy Newman and Phil Collins.

Morning, Just for Us, Breaking Up and Never Back are all well worth checking out, particularly if you are a fan of James Blake and his hypnotic music.