Nerve’s New Music Monday – 29/01/2018

New Music Monday – 29/01/2018

New Music Monday is back and live on Nerve Radio every Monday at 7pm! Joshua Coase is on hand to bring you the best new releases from established and new up and coming artists!

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Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

Tom Misch – Water Baby Feat. Loyle Carner

Tom Misch – Water Baby Feat. Loyle Carner

Tom Misch is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from just outside Peckham, South East London.

Tom started out making music three years ago, uploading tracks to Soundcloud, which were mainly 90s hip-hop beats. His music style quickly progressed when he discovered a love for jazz and drew upon inspiration from artists such as J DillaRobert GlasperBill Evans and Christian Scott.

The producer is certainly making a name for himself and has a growing fan base but despite this success he recorded the majority of his tracks in his bedroom in his parents house.

He has now recently moved into a place of his own but let’s hope that he doesn’t forget his roots, particularly in a musical sense!

I’m very excited to hear his debut album Geography, which is set for release on April 6th. With each new track which he releases the more hype surrounds this LP.

Movie was the first single to be taken from the record, which I featured on the show in November and now he has released a groovy number Water Baby.

His plans for his album are for it to be a fusion of electronic and live music, giving him a chance to sing and write lyrics to tell his story for the first time.

Shallou – Lie Feat. Riah

Shallou – Lie Feat. Riah

This is a brand-new release from Joe Boston, aka Shallou. The artist originally from Rockville, Maryland moved to Chicago where he began making electronic music in his bedroom, a place where many artists often start their careers in the digital age thanks to YouTube and SoundCloud.

Shallou already has nearly 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, producing music which is fundamentally electronic, but with certain indie and ambient house elements which blend perfectly with soulful vocals.

The producer first caught my eye with his track You and Me, which I featured on this show back in November and you should definitely check it out.

In his own words, he describes his music as “happy/sad” and Lie fits that description, with an upbeat synth accompaniment contrasting with the lyrics.

Lucy Rose – All That Fear

Lucy Rose – All That Fear

All That Fear is a newly released track from Lucy Rose which didn’t make the cut for her last album, Something’s Changing, but don’t let that put you off, it’s a track worthy of being a single in its own right.

Lucy is an English singer-songwriter from Warwickshire who has released three studio albums to date.

All That Fear is a track dominated by her soft, sincere vocals accompanied by a sweet mellow piano packed with jazz-inspired riffs.

George FitzGerald – Roll Back Feat. Lil Silva

George FitzGerald – Roll Back Feat. Lil Silva

George FitzGerald is a producer from London who now resides in Berlin and his new single Roll Back follows the announcement of his forthcoming album.

All That Must Be, George’s third LP, will be released on 9th March and it features collaborations with Bonobo, Tracey Thorn, Hudson Scott and Lil Silva.

It is Lil Silva who features on this track and his distinctive, smooth vocals really make you ‘roll back’ your chair and take notice.

Tyrone Jermaine ‘TJ’ Carter is his real name and his falsetto in this song is flawless, blending wonderfully with the ambient electronic beats created by George.

Keishi Tanaka – This Feelin’ Only Knows

Keishi Tanaka – This Feelin’ Only Knows

New Music Monday is going global in 2018 and it’s a J-POP track which has caught my eye this week by Keishi Tanaka.

The 35-year-old from Japan was originally part of the group Riddim Saunter but after their break-up in 2011 he went solo, releasing a variety of tracks from piano duets to big band performances.

This Feelin’ Only Knows is one of just two lines of lyrics sung in English by Keishi but it’s all about the melody and brass ensemble which combine to make an irresistible funk track that makes you want to get up and dance!

JADA – Keep Cool

JADA – Keep Cool

Emilie Mølsted, aka JADA is an up and coming singer/producer from Denmark who has already achieved acclaimed success in her home country.

JADA now has ambitions for success on a global scale and Keep Cool is certainly a breath of fresh, cold January air.

Her vocals don’t explode in this track, they are in fact very soft and refined but that adds to the charm of this track.

Relax and unwind and let Emilie’s sweet voice carry you away.

Craig David – Magic

Craig David – Magic

Craig David, the man who reinvents himself and his music to stay with the times and I say that as testament and recognition of his talent.

However, his brand new album The Time Is Now feels very one dimensional, with a lot of the tracks proving to be very forgetful, merging into one as you progress through the album.

That is a great shame as the album does start out strong, with the opening track Magic sparking life and promise into this, his seventh studio album.

I can see that a lot of his new pop tracks will have a lot of appeal to a young audience and will be big hits at night clubs, Magic will be one of them!

Sting – Don’t Make Me Wait (With Shaggy)

Sting – Don’t Make Me Wait (With Shaggy)

Every now and then you get a very random, unexpected collaboration between two artists that just make you take a step back and go ‘wow I have to listen to this!’

When I saw Sting and Shaggy’s names on the same record those were the exact words that sprung to mind.

First of all, the song is a hit. A very catchy, laid back reggae track which is easy listening and I love it.

Secondly and what is even more fascinating to me is that this is not a one off, they are in fact making a studio album together titled 44/876.

The “not so odd couple”, as Shaggy describes them, are due to release the LP on 20th April and we are told that it will be a very Caribbean-infused record.

If you like the sound of this then make sure you check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Joshua Coase’s Album/EP Of The Week

Zoology – Bloom EP

Zoology – Bloom EP

One of my favourite artists that I discovered last year, Zoology, have finally released their debut EP – Bloom.

As I have mentioned before on the show and in these articles, the dream pop duo use a combination of electric guitars, synth instruments and syncopated drum beats to create a perfect summer sound track. Add that in with a clear jazz influence in their music and you’ve got something quite unique.

What is great about this band is their story and the fact that they first formed and collaborated from two separate countries. Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz first connected over the web via Instagram. Having been mutual admirers of each other’s work, they wrote and released their first song Escape without ever having met.

The duo have announced that they are playing their first UK show on March 6th at The Waiting Room in London and I can’t wait to see them perform!

Other Albums To Check Out This Week

First Aid Kit – Ruins

Nils Frahm – All Melody

Craig David – The Time Is Now

Bitter Sweet A.I. Symphony

Bitter Sweet A.I. Symphony

On this week’s show I aired my brand new radio documentary – ‘Bitter Sweet A.I. Symphony’, which investigates what impact artificial intelligence is going to have on the music industry in the future. 

You can listen to the documentary below: