Nerve’s New Music Monday – 27/11/2017

Nerve’s New Music Monday – 27/11/2017

Missed this week’s New Music Monday on Nerve Radio? Fear not, you can get the details on all the fresh tracks we played on the latest show right here!

This week Joshua Coase was joined in the studio by Nerve Radio Presenter James Stephenson.  You can view their favourite new releases this week along with some artist/track information below!

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Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

Craig David – I Know You (Feat. Bastille)

Craig David - I Know You (Feat. Bastille)

When this collaboration was announced I had high hopes for this track as it features two of my favourite artists from times gone by, Craig David and Bastille.

While it’s perhaps not quite what I hoped for, which is probably because the track is more Craig David production rather than Bastille production, it is still very catchy and has a good beat.

I particularly like the fact that despite the heavy build up to anticipate the chorus the bass drop is not what you find in a stereotypical pop song, it keeps you guessing as the instrumental sustains the same beat and rhythm as the rest of the song.

I Know You is a good track which I’m sure will be well received and it’s good to have Bastille back linking up with Craig David, who continues to keep up with the times in the music industry.

Audio Dope – Floating

Audio Dope - Floating

Over the past few weeks I have been very keen to feature an instrumental track in each of the shows to add variety and showcase that tracks can be equally as strong and appreciated as those which contain lyrics.

This week, Audio Dope’s new release Floating, taken from his upcoming album is my favourite instrumental track.

Audio Dope experiments with beats from 90s hip-hop, trip-hop, electronica and lo-if hip-hop and has released this track under the Majestic Records label.

Floating is his first release since dropping his highly successful debut EP Solar in  November 2015 and I look forward to hearing his debut album in the new year!

Jack Vallier – Change Your Mind – Stripped

Jack Vallier – Change Your Mind – Stripped

Change Your Mind – Stripped is a track taken from Jack Vallier’s newly released EP titled Rebekah.

The title track Rebekah bought the 22-year-old former footballer great success, gaining over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Originally from Bournemouth but now living in Guildford after completing a course at the Academy of Contemporary Music College and School London, Jack is starting to make a name for himself in the industry.

Change Your Mind is a wonderful acoustic track which features highly distinctive vocals and a simple accompaniment with a catchy hook.

I’m pretty sure you will all find it hard not to like this track and will be captivated by Jack’s excellent story-telling and powerful lyrics not only featured in this track but in all of the songs featured in the Rebekah EP.

Zoology – Portland

Zoology – Portland

One of my favourite artists that I have discovered this year Zoology have released their latest single Portland.

I had the pleasure of hearing this track a few weeks ago prior to its release and couldn’t wait to play to play it on the show so I’m pleased the embargo has been lifted!

This is the latest single taken from their upcoming debut EP Bloom, which is due to be released on January 19th 2018.

As I have mentioned before the dream pop duo use a combination of electric guitars, synth instruments and syncopated drum beats to create a perfect summer sound track. Add that in with a clear jazz influence in their music and you’ve got something quite unique.

What is great about this band is their story and the fact that they first formed and collaborated from two separate countries. Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz first connected over the web via Instagram. Having been mutual admirers of each other’s work, they wrote and released their first song Escape without ever having met.

I featured their track 100° on my show a few months ago and their single Maroon is one of my tracks of the year so I cannot urge you enough to listen to this duo!

James Stephenson’s Tracks Of The Week

Track reviews below written by James Stephenson

The Runaway Club – Telephone

The Runaway Club - Telephone

Canadian synth pop act The Runaway Club have really come onto my radar with this 80s infused love letter to the cellular device within the title.

Fans of Stranger Things (such as myself) will hear this and be unable to get this song out of their head – you’ll be imagining Steve Harrington calling you late at night for days.

Also, it has a saxophone solo, so that’s worth the price of admission alone.

Bjork – Arisen My Senses

Bjork - Arisen My Senses

Bjork has a new album – hipsters rejoice! Yes, the singer that everybody who claims to know about music claims that they adore but only some do has released a new album by the name of Utopia.

Dystopia would be a more appropriate title for the opening track, Arisen My Senses, an absolute explosion of disparate textures all laced together by the guttural cries of Iceland’s golden child.

It’s a really bold piece of music that reminds us why Bjork deserves the love of music lovers, and hipsters alike.

Aly & AJ – I Know

Aly & AJ - I Know

If anybody watched the Disney Channel about a decade ago, the name Alyson Michalka might bring back a plume of nostalgia.

Michalka was the second lead in Phil Of The Future, as well as the star of the often-overlooked DCOM Now You See It.

However, Michalka is also a musician, and after a decade long hiatus, Aly & AJ (a duo comprised of her and her sister…AJ) have returned with a new EP, whose title Ten Years shows that the duo have just as much a grasp on the passage of time as they do terrific songs. I Know is the sun-kissed, HAIM-esque standout.

Catherine McGrath – Thought It Was Gonna Be Me

Catherine McGrath - Thought It Was Gonna Be Me

Do you too miss Taylor Swift in the late 2000s? When she was still a wide-eyed country singer who hadn’t yet been informed that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time?

Well in Catherine McGrath, a Northern Irish country singer, we may have found her reborn. Thought It Was Gonna Be Me is a wonderful and sweet country-pop song that was absolutely my surprise find of the week.

McGrath has a great grasp of song craft for someone so early in her career, and a song this well put together makes me think she could be a name you hear much more of soon.

Joshua Coase’s Album Of The Week

The Staves – The Way Is Read

The Staves – The Way Is Read

The Staves are without a doubt one of my favourite groups and it really was never in doubt that The Way Is Read was going to be my Album Of The Week!

The Stavely-Taylor sisters from Watford, Jessica, Camilla and Emily have some of the most beautiful and pure voices I’ve ever heard and I had the privilege of seeing them perform live two years ago in Bournemouth.

The trio’s second album If I Was, released in 2014 is an iconic album which you must check out if you are a fan of folk pop music. In the wait for their new album, to bridge the gap they released a wonderful EP Sleeping In A Car in 2016 and a double A Side, Tired As Fuck/Train Tracks earlier this year.

Tracks to look out for on this album are their lead single Trouble On My Mind, the title track The Way Is Read, Take Me Home and All The Times You Prayed.

The sisters have teamed up with New York-based ensemble yMusic to produce this album and it is refreshingly different from their first two LPs as the music has a very heavy orchestral influence, featuring beautiful instrumentals combined with vocal that fit perfectly with this genre of music!

Other Albums To Check Out This Week

Bjork – Utopia

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon?

Matt Terry – Trouble