Nerve’s New Music Monday – 12/02/2018

Nerve’s New Music Monday – 12/02/2018

New Music Monday is back and live on Nerve Radio every Monday at 7pm!  This week Joshua Coase was joined by Head of Nerve News Tamara Hough.

The pair our on hand to bring you the best new releases from established and new up and coming artists!

You can listen to the show in full here!

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You can view their favourite new tracks that they picked for this week along with some artist/track information below!

Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

James Bay – Wild Love

James Bay - Wild Love

James Bay is back, and he’s got a new haircut and new sound to boot.

The English singer-songwriter burst onto the scene in 2015 with his hit single Hold Back The River and his excellent debut album, The Chaos And The Album, one of my favourite records of that year.

He’s ditched the guitar and gritty vocals and has opted to include more synths, really taking me by surprise.

Wild Love is a catchy hit and James says that this track marks a brand-new chapter in his life and that his forthcoming album will be something a little different, inspired by the sounds of Lorde and Frank Ocean.

I can’t wait to hear what more is to come, and you can see him live in London at the Electric Brixton on Thursday 15 March.

Laura Misch – Lagoon

Laura Misch - Lagoon

Laura Misch is a highly talented saxophonist, producer and singer-songwriter who likes to combine jazz and R&B in her music.

This is her first release since dropping her first album, Playground, last year.

Having featured her brother Tom on the show on a few occasions it’s about time that she got her moment in the spotlight and Lagoon should certainly turn some heads.

This beautifully crafted track really stands out as Laura’s smooth vocals blend wonderfully with the silky saxophone, accompanied by a minimalistic electronic accompaniment.

Speaking about her new song, Laura said: “Lagoon is a meditation on relationship and environment. When I thought about what type of environment I would like to be for other people, I gravitated towards a lagoon because of its restorative qualities.”

Cosmo Sheldrake – Wriggle

Cosmo Sheldrake - Wriggle

I like to feature tracks that are a little different on this show and from time to time you hear something unusual that really catches your attention in a good way, Wriggle certainly fits the bill.

Cosmo Sheldrake (yes that’s his real name) is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Hampstead, London.

Cosmo is renowned for creating truly unique sounds, often incorporating field recordings and natural soundscapes into his tracks.

Wriggle is no exception, featuring Japanese Koto Drums, a marching band percussion, a nightingale from Kent, a host of woodwind instruments and a contra bassoon.

His debut album, The Much Much How How and I, will be released on 6 April.

Leo Kalyan – Stranger

Leo Kalyan - Stranger

Leo Kalyan is an artist from East London who infuses his Indian musical roots with R&B pop to create a unique sound.

His musical influences come from Bollywood and world music as well as trip-hop and R&B artists including Massive Attack and Janet Jackson.

Stranger was originally posted on Leo’s Soundcloud in 2015 but it has only just been released as a single and it certainly is a belter of a track, my favourite of my picks this week!

He is certainly one to watch this year, certainly if he continues to feature his Indian rooted flicks and trills of his vocals in his music to build a highly original sound.

Other Tracks To Check Out This Week

Nilüfer Yanya – Thanks 4 Nothing

Only Girl – Mountain

Janine – Never The Right Time

Joshua Coase’s Album/EP Of The Week

MGMT - Little Dark Age
MGMT – Little Dark Age

After more than four years since the release of their last album, MGMT are back with Little Dark Age and this LP finally matches up to the quality of their first record, Oracular Spectacular, released way back in 2007.

I featured the title track on this show back in October last year and it features the weird, wonderful and sometimes sinister lyrics, delivered in a gloomy, monotone style by lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden.

The minor key, metallic synth pop riffs are like something which you would hear in a science fiction film such as Tron.

A few other favourite tracks of mine worth checking out are a contrast to the sound of Little Dark Age but Me and Michael and She Works Out Too Much are fun, light-hearted songs.

Other Albums To Check Out This Week

Kendrick Lamar & Others – Black Panther


The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

Tamara Hough’s Tracks Of The Week

Jorja Smith – I Am

Jorja Smith - I Am

Au/Ra – Panic Room

 Au/Ra - Panic Room

Ezra Furman – Lick The Blood From my Wounds

Ezra Thurman - Lick The Blood From my Wounds

The Wombats – Ice Cream

The Wombats - Ice Cream