Nerve’s New Music Monday – 09/10/2017

New Music Monday 09/10/2017

Missed this week’s New Music Monday on Nerve Radio? Fear not, you can get the details on all the fresh tracks we played on the latest show right here!

This week Joshua Coase was joined by Nerve Now Comment/Review Writer John Rose. You can view their favourite new tracks they picked for this week along with some artist/track information below!

You can listen to all of this week’s tracks on our Spotify playlist here!

Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

Zak Abel – Still Want UUU

Zak Abel - Still Want UUU

Zak Abel has just released his debut album, Only When We’re Naked, which features the singles All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye) and The River.

Zak first appeared on Gorgon City’s U.K. top 20 hit Unmissable back in 2014 and also worked with Avicii and Wookie the following year before making his own music.

Still Want UUU is an uptempo dance track and a contrast to the rest of the tracks featured on the show this week.

This song has a very catchy chorus and has the makings of becoming a big hit for the English singer songwriter, particularly if it gets remixed into a dance track.

Zoology – 100°

Zoology -100

Zoology are quite quickly becoming one of my favourite new bands, creating songs which are strikingly different to anything else I’ve heard in 2017.

The dream pop duo use a combination of electric guitars, synth instruments and syncopated drum beats to create a perfect summer sound track. Add that in with a clear jazz influence in their music and you’ve got something quite unique.

What is great about this band is their story and the fact that they first formed and collaborated from two separate countries. Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz first connected over the web via Instagram. Having been mutual admirers of each other’s work, they wrote and released their first song Escape without ever having met.

That track went on to get over 2 million streams on Spotify and with that success the duo met soon after and started working on new material.

My favourite track of their’s, Maroon, came out in August and is definitely a must-listen-to. Their new song 100° follows a similar style and is perfect for all you easy-listening music fans!

Lauv – Easy Love

Lauv - Easy Love

Ari Staprans Leff, known by his stage name Lauv has just realised his second single of 2017, following the success of his hit I Like Me Better, one of my favourite pop tracks of the year.

Lauv made a name for himself in 2015 when he released his debut single The Other, since then his focus has primarily been writing for other artists, including Demi Lovato.

The American singer songwriter will be supporting Ed Sheeran during his Divide Tour in Asia this autumn.

Easy Love is a very laidback track with minimalistic backing and Ari lets his vocals and synth pad skits do the talking.

Weezer – Weekend Woman

Weezer - Weekend Woman

What separates this band from the other artists featured on this week’s show is that although this is new music from Weezer, they are from being a new band.

The American alternative-rock grouped formed in 1992 and are soon to release their 11th studio album, which will be titled Pacific Daydream.

Weekend Woman is the fourth single to be released from the LP, which is due for release on October 27th this year.

This track definitely has a contemporary indie rock vibe but also has older usical influences in the Middle 8 section of the song. I detect musical influence from the Beach Boys and The Beatles with regards to that sections structure and the harmonies the band use.

John Rose’s Tracks Of The Week

Track reviews below written by John Rose

Felix Jaehn – Like A Riddle (Feat. Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger)

Felix Jaehn - Like A Riddle

German DJ Felix Jaehn follows up his two previous 2017 singles (Hot2Touch and Feel Good) with tropical house track Like a Riddle. The catchy song features Swedish accoustic duo Hearts & Colors and French DJ Adam Trigger.

Jaehn first came into music with a collaborative remix of Phil Collins’ Another Day in Paradise with Alex Schulz in 2013, but gained mainstream attention with his remix of Jamaican artist OMI’s Cheerleader, which I heard about 500 times in first year.

The German has plans to release his debut studio album in 2018, with February being the rumoured release month.

Brookes Brothers – Flashing Lights (Feat. Shezar & Bossman Birdie)

Brookes Brothers - Flashing Lights

Drum and bass veterans the Brookes Brothers release their second single of the year titled Flashing Lights. The upbeat song features the singer Shazer, sister of fellow British singer Labrinth and grime artist Bossman Birdie.

This track sounds like a classic club hit and if performed as part of a live DJ set would be sick. The brothers, Dan and Phil, have been active in the music scene since the mid-2000s, working with renowned DJ Sub Focus in the past. The experienced D & B pair have received praise from DJ heavyweights Andy C and Zane Lowe.

The duo have held residencies at London nightclubs Fabric and Herbal, performing DJ sets nationally and internationally. The pair’s upcoming album Orange Lane in October 2017 is under record label Viper Recordings, owned by Futurebound.

Craig David – For the Gram

Craig David is one talented artist. The 36-year-old from Southampton uses Instagram as a model for his latest release, For the Gram. Whatever the current musical trend seems to be, David manages to nail meeting it with his songs.

For the Gram has a catchy beat, a good flow and easy to remember lyrics. The singer returned to the spotlight in 2014, but this latest release is probably my favourite song of his.

The song has club vibes, pre-drinking vibes and the vibes that anyone and everyone could enjoy it. It’s easy to listen to and has the mainstream appeal that nowadays seems so important.

The singer-songwriter has his seventh album due for release in January 2018, named The Time is Now under Sony’s record label. Given how this song sounds and how his past releases have been flawless, it’s definitely an album I’ll be listening to.

Star.One – We Run The Show (Feat. Asher & D, P Money)

This is the song out of the four that’ll probably divide opinion the most. Star.One, a British duo who describe themselves as making ‘soundsystem music’, get together with rapper/actor Ashley Walters (known by his stage name as Asher D) and grime artist P Money for their song We Run the Show.

The hard hitting track mixes a slick beat with some powerful vocals with a smooth flow. I hadn’t heard of Star.One or Asher D prior to this release, but with how much I liked this song I can guarantee I’ll be searching for more of their work. Star.One have performed DJ mixes on Radio 1 XTRA while also performing sets in clubs.

The couple of DJs are definitely under the radar with under five thousand followers on Twitter, but I would definitely recommend checking these guys out.

Joshua Coase’s Album Of The Week

JP Cooper – Raised Under Grey Skies

JP Cooper - Raised Under Grey Skies

JP Cooper first made a name for himself featuring on Jonas Blue’s club hit Perfect Strangers back in June last year, 15 months on and a couple of hits later now he has released his debut album.

September Song caught my attention, as I’m sure it did for many of you, its catchy chorus and poignant lyrics made it an instant hit and the rest of the tracks on this LP showcase JP’s talent for songwriting.

The artist from Middleton, Greater Manchester, armed with his guitar and strong distinctive vocals has a nice blend of uptempo tracks including two of my favourite album tracks Good Friend and All This Love, as well as slower tracks such as Closer and Wait.

Other Albums To Check Out This Week

Zak Abel – Only When We’re Naked

Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

Rationale – Rationale