Nerve’s New Music Monday – 05/03/2018

New Music Monday – 05/03/2018

New Music Monday is back and live on Nerve Radio every Monday at 7pm! This week Joshua Coase was joined by Nerve Radio’s Station Manager Connor Morrin.

The pair our on hand to bring you the best new releases from established and new up and coming artists!

You can listen to the show in full here!

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You can view their favourite new tracks that they picked for this week along with some artist/track information below!

Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

Tom Misch – It Runs Through Me (Feat. De La Soul)

Tom Misch - It Runs Through Me (Feat. De La Soul)

Tom Misch is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from just outside Peckham, South East London.

Tom started out making music three years ago, uploading tracks to Soundcloud, which were mainly 90s hip-hop beats.

His music style quickly progressed when he discovered a love for jazz and drew upon inspiration from artists such as J Dilla, Robert Glasper, Bill Evans and Christian Scott.

I’m very excited to hear his debut album Geography, which is set for release on April 6th. With each new track which he releases the more hype surrounds this LP.

It Runs Through Me, featuring American hip hop trio De La Soul, is the third single to come from this album and both previous tracks have featured on my show, the smooth, highly emotive Movie and the funky, irresistible track Water Baby.

His plans for his album are for it to be a fusion of electronic and live music, giving him a chance to sing and write lyrics to tell his story for the first time.

Flight Facilities – Need You (Feat. Nïka)

Flight Facilities - Need You (Feat. Nïka)

Flight Facilities are an Australian electronic duo formed in 2009 consisting of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell.

They didn’t release their debut album until 2014 but Down to Earth featured some big names including Kylie Minogue and Reggie Watts.

Need You is an electronic 80s sounding track (you’ve probably guessed by now that I am sucker for 80s tracks) which features the smooth vocals from Olivia Nott, AKA Nïka.

The duo announced they are working on new material and aiming to release an album this year.

If Need You and the release of Stranded last year are anything to go by it should be quite a record.

Little Hours – Heavy on You

Little Hours - Heavy on You

Little Hours are an Alternative/Indie duo from Ireland who have just released their first single of the year and it is a promising track at that.

After releasing their debut EP, Too Much Patience in 2017, they are back with Heavy on You.

They have just announced a list of Irish tour dates in Spring 2018, including at the Button Factory in Dublin on 23rd March.

Everything Everything – Breadwinner

Everything Everything - Breadwinner

Everything Everything are an indie rock band from Manchester and have been one of my favourites for many years, particularly after the release of their second album Arc in 2013.

That record features big hits Cough Cough and Kemosabe and they have released two LPs since then, Get To Heaven in 2015 and A Fever Dream last year.

Breadwinner is a track which the band wrote to include on their last album but couldn’t make it fit, but that’s a good thing as it now gets to stand out on its own as a single.

Other songs on the EP include a brand new track Mariana, which is about male identity and suicide, a cover of Neil Young’s Don’t Let it Bring you Down and a remix of Ivory Tower by Tom Vek.

Joshua Coase’s Album/EP Of The Week

Etherwood – In Stillness

Etherwood - In Stillness

Edward Allen, AKA Etherwood is a British producer from Lincoln, who this week released his third studio album, In Stillness.

Etherwood took to the Nordic wilderness and found solace in Finland to produce this Drum’N’Bass LP.

Providing 15 tracks for us all to sit back and completely escape to, it is easy to get lost in Etherwood’s world.

On the show I played the title track In Stillness, the sweet instrumental You’re Missing Life and the euphoric Climbing.

In making this record, Etherwood quoted his favourite scholar Arthur Schopenhauer: “A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.”

Other Albums/EPs To Check Out This Week

Everything Everything – A Deeper Sea (EP)

Moss Kena – Found You In 06

Towkio – WWW.

Connor Morrin’s Tracks Of The Week

Track reviews written by Connor Morrin

Lo Greco Bros & Flow Bop – Black Woman

Lo Greco Bros & Flow Bop - Black Woman

This song is so smooth and relaxing. It is one of those beats which allows you to totally zone out from the world, letting you think and focus on your task at hand.

It features in the Italian duo’s ‘Flow Bop Sessions’ which I would recommend for anyone to check out if they want to get in the flow state.

Emapea – On The Humble

Emapea - On The Humble

This beat is very hypnotic. The sounds which feature in this song are all complimentary to each other.

Layers of sounds are used under an addictive rhythm which makes this beat so enjoyable and easy to listen to.

I would recommend everyone check out Emapea, he is very under the radar but the quality of what he produced is crazy.

Blue Lab Beats – Oooo Lala

Blue Lab Beats - Oooo Lala

You can never go wrong with Blue Lab Beats. The duo from London are always cooking up the best sounding Jazz and I believe they will be pioneers of the Jazz scene in the very near future.

This song is going to be on their new album Xover, which everyone is looking forward to hearing when it comes out on 30th March.

b0nds – São PauloB0nds - São Paulo

A new artist to me, but one I am definitely a fan of.

b0nds produced a whole album called Brazil, which incorporates typical South American sounds into future beats, it is so refreshing and the samples used are out of this world.