Nerve FM’s New Music Monday – 23/04/2018

New Music Monday – 23/04/2018

Showcasing the best new releases from established as well as new/up and coming artists, this is New Music Monday.

Joshua Coase presented the show for the final time and passed the NNMM host gauntlet down to James Stephenson.

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James will revive the show and take over as the main presenter next semester in September!

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You can view Josh’s final favourite tracks and find out more information about the artists below!

Joshua Coase’s Tracks Of The Week

Novo Amor – State Lines

Novo Amor - State Lines

Ali John Meredith-Lacey, better known as Novo Amor is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter.

He first came on the scene in 2012 but broke through with the release of his debut EP Woodgate in 2014.

The 26-year-old released a collaborative album with Ed Tullett last November titled Heiress and I previously featured his beautiful track Anatome on the show.

Novo Amor’s brand new single State Lines is another tranquil and relaxing tune, perfect to ease you into your morning or close your day.

Billie Eilish – lovely (feat. Khalid)

Billie Eilish – lovely (feat. Khalid)

Billie Eilish is a California singer and dancer who is certainly on the rise, ranking at 454thin the world now for Spotify streams

lovely is her second single of the year and a collaboration with Khalid, who has really shot to fame of late, ranking at 12th in the world for Spotify streams.

Both these artists are blessed with exceptional voices and bend really well in this haunting and enchanting ballad.

Evelinn Trouble – Hope Music

Evelinn Trouble – Hope Music

Based in Berlin, Germany, Evelinn Trouble is an alt-pop artist who has been producing music since 2007.

Her music is predominantly guitar based, as demonstrated in her last album, Arrowhead, but her most recent tracks Monstruous and Hope Music are a complete contrast and a delve into the pop world led by Evelinn’s chilling vocals.

Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, this is a brand-new chapter in Evelinn’s music career as she prepares to release her new EP, Hope Music, in May.

I spoke to Evelinn back in March about her upcoming EP and you can read the interview here.

The Shires – Accidentally On Purpose

The Shires – Accidentally On Purpose

The Shires are renowned for their sweet American country pop tunes, but they are in fact a duo from England.

The story behind how the duo came together is quite sweet, Ben Earle had struggled to make it as a solo artist having toured with KT Tunstall. He then posted on Facebook: “There must be a country singer somewhere”.

Low and behold Bedfordshire’s Crissie Rhodes got in touch and in 2013 The Shires were formed!

They soon signed to Decca Records in the UK and Universal Music Group Nashville in the States and have just released their third album, with Accidentally On Purpose being the title track.

Blossoms – There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)

Blossoms – There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)

A band on the rise, Blossoms are back with another hit with their first release since their debut album in 2016.

From Stockport, just outside Manchester, the band started out as friends from school forming a group and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Blossoms performed at The Old Firestation in Bournemouth late last year and There’s A Reason Why is a great catchy indie pop hit which I’m sure will do well in the charts.

The Endorphins – All Night

The Endorphins – All Night

The Endorphins are a Scandinavian duo caught my attention after they released their debut single via Majestic Casual, titled Ms. Right Now.

That track, released in August, stood out to me as being a great, quirky R&B song and I was under the impression that The Endorphins were an established group but was surprised to find that this track was their only release at the time.

They have a knack of creating feel good dance hits and their third single All Night is no exception, a perfect track for pre-drinks.

Machinedrum – Hype Up

Machinedrum – Hype Up

Machinedrum is a project created by American Travis Stewart which started in the early 2000s.

Travis released his first album Now You Know in 2001 and has released eight albums to date, with Human Energy dropping in 2016.

Hype Up is certainly a track to get you pumped and ready for the day ahead, an ideal track for when you’re at the gym or looking to let yourself go and dance!

Naughty Boy – All Or Nothing (feat. RAY BLK & Wyclef Jean)

Naughty Boy – All Or Nothing (feat. RAY BLK & Wyclef Jean)

UK producer Naughty Boy is back and back with a bang with this reggae-inspired summer hit All Or Nothing.

He has announced that he is working on a second album which will be released this year and describes the message in this song as being ‘like a self-love handbook’.

Naughty Boy told The FADER: “I think we all sometimes neglect when our instincts are telling us something about someone is not right but we refuse to believe it and keep giving a situation more energy than it deserves. The song is very empowering and honest.”

The highly-talented RAY BLK features with the sweet vocals on this track and she is certainly one to watch in 2018.

Joshua Coase’s Album Of The Week

Sting & Shaggy – 44/876

Sting & Shaggy – 44/876

Every now and then you get a very random, unexpected collaboration between two artists that just make you take a step back and go ‘wow I have to listen to this!’

When I saw Sting & Shaggy’s names on the same record those were the exact words that sprung to mind.

The “not so odd couple”, as Shaggy describes them collaborated as they got talking and shared a love for reggae and ska music.

44/876 is an album name which confused me at first, but I’ve figured it out as the numbers refer to the area codes for the UK (44) and Jamaica (876), (pretty boring discovery I know).

Their lead single Don’t Make Me Wait is certainly a hit, a very catchy, laid back reggae track which is easy listening and I love it.

Other tracks well worth checking out our 44/876 and Morning Is Coming. Put this album on when the sun is out and you’re in the mood to welcome in the summer!

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