Gig Review: You Me At Six at the Guildhall, Southampton

You Me At Six

What do students do on an October Sunday? Many I imagine will be hungover, sleeping or keeping warm! But not those with a love for rock instead they traded their naps for a train ticket to Southampton to watch You Me At Six play at the O2 Guildhall as part of their Night People tour.

You Me At Six

VANT kicked off the evening with their supporting set. The crowd slowly began to build during their performance creating more of a buzz in the Guildhall the more they played. They gave a strong dedicated performance, many people discussing that they were going to check them out after – which I would recommend if this is your style!

It seems You Me At Six have returned to playing smaller venues; something much needed after their arena tour, making for a more intimate experience. The band came out to a warm welcome from the audience, with the highly anticipated gig having sold out. The lights rose up in a flashing explosion of purple and white as the band began to perform their first song ‘When We Were Younger’ from their 2011 album Sinners Never Sleep. This song carried a slow enough beginning to really built up an atmosphere at the venue.

You Me At SixFollowing their first number, the night really kicked into gear with the band playing crowd favourites such as ‘Bite My Tongue’, ‘Fresh Start Fever’ and ‘Loverboy’. The band played flawlessly, especially with Daniel Flint killing it on the drums all night. The whole show looked and sounded well polished with all the instruments played perfectly live – which is no surprise from a band who have been together since 2004.

The show had smooth transitions in between the songs, leaving little room for the band to talk to the crowd. The main anecdote of the night came half way through the set when Josh spoke about the current US election. He was advocating an anti-Trump message, calling for the acceptance of all people and the inclusion of others. The message was eagerly accepted by a large roar from the crowd, the band then went on to play the rest of the set. The lack of conversation was a little disappointing as the Guildhall was perfect and a smaller venue to create an intimacy with the crowd, yet there was very little interaction for the majority of the gig.

You Me At SixDespite this, the band continued to play impeccably until ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ where the audience were on tender-hooks for what was coming next, finishing the song the crowd cheered and danced to the epic musical talent the band was displaying, then the band ran off stage. When the cheering had died down, a little confusion had set in and I started to question if that was it? The crowd cheered for the encore that was only to be expected as the set didn’t feel long enough without one. The crowd kept cheering and then dying down before almost everyone had lost hope in them coming back on stage, suddenly the boys all ran back on. It felt very staged and pretentious, coming across that the encore cheers weren’t loud enough for them to return; especially as they were on a smaller venue tour, it didn’t feel like it was for the fans.

Overall, it was a great night. The band played a faultless set; the lighting and production crew had done a great job at making the show seem effortless. The only downside of the night was the lack of audience appreciation and involvement from You Me At Six, but what can you expect from a band that is used to playing arenas on world tours!

You Me At Six