Gig Review: The 1975 at The O2, London


The 1975 have exploded this year, with their first sold-out show at The O2 arena in London, which holds up to 20,000 people!

As fans wait eagerly for the concert to begin at 7:30pm on Friday 16th December, the speakers begin to play a constant beat, that drives a tension through the audience’s bones like no other.

The heavy bass increases in volume for as long as their fans can cope, without a glimpse of them in the flesh.

Then, the song “Love Me” from their new album, “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”, starts filling the stadium with loud drums and cheers from the audience.

Matt Healy, the band’s unique, wacky (like Russell Brand type wacky) lead singer goes mental, which only makes the crowd go wild too.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset                                                       Taken by Celine Byford

The songs the band performed portrayed a mix of emotions – from deep, lustful songs like “Fallingforyou” to the popular likes of “Chocolate” and “She’s American”.

After a few songs from their latest album are played, Matt Healy stops to talk about politics including the election of Donald Trump and Brexit, and disagreeing with it, shouts “F*** politics, let’s dance together”.

Every member of the audience does as he says.

Crowd at The 1975 Concert, 02 London

Sell-Out Crowd at The 1975 Concert, 02 London

It’s not only the unique sounds that the musicians create that make the atmosphere special, but it’s also the enticing, contrasting colours and moving backgrounds that make each person feel a certain way.

Before “Fallingforyou” is performed, Mr Healy asks “If we could be a person for five minutes, I promise you that the visual memory of this next song will be so much more than a 6 minute video on your iPhone.

Following on from that, their fans instantly obey.

The visual art and music that was then displayed was something else – an entrancing movement that no other band has ever conveyed before.

After, Mr Healy asks “Did that just happen – Did you just get engaged?”

The big screens show a couple, in which her new fiance had just proposed, as Matt Healy jumps off the stage to speak to them and have their photo taken together.

A magical moment.

Overall, the band has truly been recognised for their individual abilities to perform with effortless style, passionate demeanour and a with a musical talent that is so pure and sincere.

The 1975 come to Bournemouth on Wednesday 21st December, performing their sell out gig at the Bournemouth International Centre.