Festival Friday: End of The Road


Another Festival Friday another thing to make you long for those summer days. This year was host to some amazing festivals that you need to get to know before next season comes around. 

This week a look back at End of The Road Festival, a small but mighty festival that is packed full of some of the best names in the alternative scene. Set in the picturesque hills of Dorset it’s a beautiful festival filled with amazing food, fantastic comedy, and even better music. This year’s headliners included Father John Misty, Mac Demarco and The Jesus and Mary Chain to name a few.


This is probably the most chilled out festival going. Looking at the type of people around you, you’ll see young hip parents enjoying craft ales, and a spattering of 20-somethings there to have a mellow one after a summer of more intense festivals. The whole weekend is very family friendly but that’s not to say its overrun with kids, there are some awesome places to drink and dance till sunrise giving you the best mix of relaxation and partying.


Tickets for the entire weekend at £165 which is very reasonable for the quality of the festival, and to sweeten the deal they never add on rubbish booking fees. You can also pay using an instalment plan which makes everything less painful.

The food is also well priced, you can get some delicious street food for around £8, and honestly, I would go to the festival just for the food, it’s that good. Drinks are priced at pretty much the same as other festivals with a pint setting you back about £5, but they have a very relaxed policy concerning bringing alcohol with you so no need to fork out too much cash when you’re there.


The size is one of the best things about End of The Road, everything is so close and so cleverly placed meaning you never need to leg it from one stage to other to see your favourite acts. The stages themselves are also amazingly well designed and set out so you’re never too far from the stage.

The atmosphere was perfect. It is so laid back that you can really just take your time and enjoy yourself, it’s the least stressful festival ever, and there is always something weird and wonderful you can be doing. One minute you’re getting your future told to you by a cat and the next you’re walking through a forest that is filled with lights and origami hanging from the trees.

I would also highly recommend checking out Bon Sabotage, hidden in the woods there are all sorts of bizarre games to play when you’re a few bevs in. You can spend hours playing giant Jenga, riding pommel horses, or playing in the Ping Pong Thunderdome.


Very cold. So so cold. As the festival sits on the top of the hill the nights can get super super chilly but with proper preparation and layers, you will be able to stay cosy.


There are too many good names to mention. Highlights included Father John Misty’s set and Mac Demarco being crowd surfed from his set to Pond’s set on another stage. I also saw Perfume Genius who was really amazing, along with an amazing set from Slowdive. Seeing Goldpanda gave me a good bit of boogieing in a nice warm tent which was brilliant.


100%. I will be there next year scoffing delicious food and dancing to my heart’s content.


I would give it five, but I think it depends on what you want out of the weekend. If you want to get off your face and have a really messy festival experience this is not the one for you, but if you want a chilled out weekend filled with fun and frolicking you are going to the right place.