Ed Sheeran makes a comeback in true Sheeran style

ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran has gone back to his roots, starting 2017 off with the big bang that all his fans have been patiently waiting for.

The year of 2016 missed him dearly, when he took a well-deserved break, where he visited Australia, Japan and New Zealand soon after confessing on his Instagram (@teddysphotos) that he wanted to “travel the world”.

The announcement of a third album allowed his fans to forgive him for the meantime.

Ed Sheeran performing live

Ed Sheeran performing live. Via: Ed Sheeran Facebook Page

Before the entire album, “Divide”, is released, two singles called “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” have teased the public for what is to come.

Admittedly, Ed honestly confesses that “Shape of You” was originally written in mind of other artists, including Rihanna, but realised that the song was far better-suited to his own individual style.

The single is based on the brewing relationship between two people, and of how those two individuals are made for each other like “magnets”.

“Castle on the Hill”, on the other hand, is a flashback to Ed’s memory of being a teenage boy, in which he regularly makes references to Framlingham Castle in Suffolk.

He stated that the song is a “love song made for Suffolk”.

The main idea of the single is that Mr Sheeran is excited to return home.

Ed Sheeran performing live at UK Multiply Gig at Koko, London

Ed Sheeran performing live at UK Multiply Gig at Koko, London. Via: Ed Sheeran Facebook Page

Lyrics include the line “driving at 90 down those country lanes”, in which the singer-songwriter was warned by police on Twitter to slow down.

Every song that has ever been released by Ed has topped the charts, so it was no surprise that his comeback songs went completely viral.

These two singles have only stirred more excitement for his upcoming album to come, which he claims is the “best album yet”.

His new album was created during his travels, for which he had to have a new studio built.