Coffee House Session: Joshua Burnside

Joshua Burnside

So this Tuesday marked the last Coffee House Session and what better way to end it than with Northern Irish charmer, Joshua Burnside. 

Joshua brought something new to Dylan’s with his one-of-a-kind style. His music merged Irish traditional elements with world music bringing it up to date in the 21st Century. This genre took me back in time so it’s no surprise that Joshua has been influenced by Paul Simon, half of the duo Simon & Garfunkel. 

Having grown up in Belfast, Joshua’s Northern Irish accent came through when he sang and added personality to his act. Despite his comment that he played many instruments but badly, I thought he showcased skill on the guitar. This accompaniment to his unique tone created a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

Joshua proved he had a good set of lungs as he reached and impressively held high notes. The way he slid smoothly from one note to the next contributed to his country vibes. He performed in traditional Irish style with a pint by his side. Whether this helped when performing is unknown but Joshua definitely delivered a self-assured performance.

Check out ‘A Man of High Renown’ from Joshua’s upcoming EP ‘all round the light said:’

Joshua’s told us that he’s been writing more topical songs about the world rather this himself. And working with his band has influenced his sound as he’s been writing and arranging songs for them. With the developing music industry, Joshua doesn’t see the need to leave his home in Belfast for London. Plus, we wouldn’t want him to lose his Northern Irish charm to adapt to a bustling London. An “I’m grand thanks” makes a much nicer difference to the usual Brit response.

Abiding by the Coffee House slogan ‘See It. Hear It. Feel It.’ Joshua definitely made the audience feel his music. His Northern heritage was reflected in his music a great deal and he showed a passion for his work. Joshua won the Northern Island Music Prize in 2017 and I can only expect that his music career will continue to grow. He’s been one of the most unique artists to visit Dylan’s. Nerve wished him luck on the rest of his tour and hope he enjoyed his trip to the Christmas market. 

Check out his website where you can see his latest music videos



merging Irish traditional elements with world music , electronica and experimental rock infused with pop sensibilities.