Busted are back – Night Driver album review


Busted are back, but not how you’d expect. When the trio split up in 2005 following half a decade of success, they left behind a legacy of catchy pop songs focused on being attracted to your school teachers; other teenage dilemmas notwithstanding.

Eleven years later, it’s safe to assume that the lads have matured somewhat, and it pays off in Night Driver – an album that’s more Maroon 5 than it is All-American Rejects.

Nevertheless, in Kids With Computers, the band has a track reminiscent of the classic Year 3000, if not in the way it sounds, surely in the way its lyrics attempt to somewhat forecast the future.

Upon starting up the album you’ll be greeted with Coming Home, a track that will instantly throw you off guard if you were expecting more of the old American-punk style songs the band had put together in years gone by.

But take time to open your mind to this new style, and you might find that you’ll appreciate them just as much, if not more than you did back then. The new songs will have you dancing along and enjoying them in a different context, but enjoying them nonetheless.Busted performing on stage

The synth element of the album is something to particularly look out for, with keytars and fading pulses providing an appreciated Pet Shop Boys feel, while still feeling relevant and modern.

While On What You’re On and Easy are undoubtedly the highlights of the album (with Charlie Simpson’s impressive vocals worthy of a mention in Those Days Are Gone), there are a couple of throwaway tracks such as New York and I Will Break Your Heart.

Nevertheless, despite not quite reaching perfection, it’s humbling to see a band comeback come across as a worthwhile (re)addition to the music industry, rather than being done for the sake of it; with little more than branding and profit in mind as is often the case.

To suggest that Busted would make a comeback after Simpson clearly stated it would never happen as Busted had “no relevance” to his life would be to suggest that Pigs Can Fly – somewhat fitting given the title of their recent comeback tour. Capped off with an enjoyable and surprising album, it’s good to have Busted back.