An Ode to Transmission


The organisers of transmission, Luke and Andy, have given a much needed kiss of life to the Bournemouth music scene, and we are eternally grateful. For the last three years these guys have run the enigma that is Transmission, alternative music nights that you can’t forget (despite being 5 bevs in before the bands start).

In a town where an average club night consists of a couple of ‘VK’s at Cameo, a Friday at Transmission was a thirst quencher for those looking for something a little less sickly. Over the last three years it has become a mecca of alternative music, and has made Bournemouth a tour stop for bands like Beverly, Elvis Depressedly, Surfer Blood, and most recently Fazerdaze and Skeggs . As well as showcasing international music, Transmission has given some much needed attention to local bands by celebrating their talent.

Transmission’s penultimate night took place at The Anvil (05/05/2017), playing host to a string of awesome bands, featuring: Post-Heather, The RPMs and Lazy Day, with Auckland-based Fazerdaze headlining the show for the launch of their album, Morningside. Amelia Murray, front woman and founder of Fazerdaze, was kind enough to travel to the other side of the world with her band to play their thoughtful yet effortless tracks.

The gig was packed as always, with the Transmission family ramming the basement of The Anvil, stage diving and crawling across the ceiling, a novelty to the laidback Kiwi’s. The manic atmosphere of the gig managed to take Amelia in its sweaty grasp, and she jumped into the crowd after being convinced to play an older, somewhat heavier song, Treading Lightly, as an encore.

The night was one big party, Luke even brought out a cake adorned with the band’s picture to celebrate the launch – it was loved-up mayhem.

The final farewell took place on Friday (19/05/2017) at the beloved home of Transmission, The Winchester. The line up was a delicious ice cream sundae, made up of Yoofs, Party Hardly, Leeches, Quim Reaper, and Skegss as the booze soaked cherry on top. Every member of the crowd (and some band members) were only just clinging onto their consciousness by the end of the night. Leeches asked the crowd to have some respect since it was a funeral, which the crowd demonstrated with a ridiculous number of stage dives. It was messy and manic in the best ways, but regardless of how intense the night became, the Transmission punters continued to look after each other; for every man down there is always a hand up.

Each band played with heavy riffs and attracted audience participation, someone even kindly re-attached the mic to its stand after it was chucked into the crowd by one of the many crowd surfers. Andy and Luke also participated with guitar solos during Skegss’ set, which were included during what turned out to be a 7 minute rendition of Skegss’ track; New York California.

Everyone was off their faces, hot, sweaty and absolutely blissed, it was a truly beautiful send off. Luke and Andy have worked tirelessly to make each gig as nuts as the last and it has paid off, the bar has been set for alternative nights in Bournemouth.
Cheers guys, it’s been chill.

P.S. If you love The Winchester as much as we do, sign the petition to save it here.