Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review


With the era of remakes in full swing, the latest edition to the big screen is the 90’s throwback, adventure fantasy: Jamanji. It stars the likes of of Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and even singer-songwriter, Nick Jonas.

The movie which was released back in December 2017, has since been lauded by both audience’s and critics. It even received a 75% on the movie review site ‘Rotten Tomatoes‘! While the former might have been full of mad monkeys and rhino’s, the remake takes us even deeper into the jungle with a plot line like something out of Indiana Jones.


Jack Black – 

Often when Dwanye Johnson appears in a film, it’s all eyes on him. However, Jack Black bought an added humour to the film. We fell in love with his character and his interpretation of a ditzy teenager. The childish teenage jokes coming out of a grown man’s mouth has us in stitches!

Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart 

Credit: IGN Africa

You might be familiar with the duo from the recent movie, Central Intelligence. The duo, alongside Jack Black put on a stellar performance, full of humour and memorable moments.

Nick Jonas 

The singer-songwriter who played the character of someone who’s been stuck in the game since 1996 was less vibrant than the other characters. It was less convincing and his role almost seemed out of line.

Karen Gillan 

Karen Gillian was outstanding. The Scottish actress, who starred in Doctor Who back in 2010 has had a busy year, having also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2  Jumanji had some incredible action scenes, especially through Gillian kicking some serious Butt to Bob Marley music. It was extremely gratifying to watch.

The Real-Life Cast

Some of the real-life cast just didn’t do it for us. Especially the teenage,  Bethany. The character almost seemed forced and almost frustrating to watch. It was a like she was trying to conform to a certain type of ‘self-obsessed’ generation, being addicted to her phone and constantly taking selfies.

The Romance

The romance was rather bizarre, mainly because adults were stuck inside children’s bodies. It did add comedic value to the film at times. The romance between Dwayne Johnson seemed rather peculiar because of the age gap. With that said, we were totally ‘game’ for the romance between Jack Black and Nick Jonas.

To Summarise…

Even though its no masterpiece, it was hilarious to watch and entertaining to watch. The casting choices were brilliant , both the adults and mainly the real-life teens. It was clearly very well thought out with every little detail almost matching the first. With a cast and plot line like Jumanji, there has to be a sequel!

Star Rating: 7/10