Iron at the Bournemouth Little Theatre Club


Nerve was given the privilege of going to see the ImpAct Theatre’s Iron written by Rona Munro last night at the Bournemouth Little Theatre Club. Emma Reynolds gives her thoughts.

I showed up to the venue and was quite surprised by how hidden away such an indie-style venue was. It was quite quaint with limited seating and an old-fashioned bar which made me feel like I’d gone back in time. An excellent venue for such an intimate performance.

Iron  is an intense psychological drama in which a mother and daughter try to break through the barriers of time, memory and punishment which separate them. Amongst this there are the broken memories of a murder from daughter Josie and mother Fay who remembers clearly but is manipulative and would rather forget.

The actors were excellent, I mostly remember the amazing acting of Fay and Josie. Both immediately so emotional and believable on the stage. Their dialogue rather captivating and this is amazing on Munro’s part. Munro has a great amount of writing credits, amongst which include screenplays such as Ladybird, The James Plays  and Oranges & Sunshine.

The story was interesting and I was left wondering what would happen next. From a critical point of view I would have liked to have had more pace and depth to the piece but I can appreciate the symbolism that was portrayed on stage through the use of a grey setting, minimal props and dire/minimal action. What I imagine a prison would be like.

Overall, I would recommend this performance for anybody who loves intense theatre with great actors and a writer’s work who is accredited widely.