Insidious: The Last Key Review

Insidious Featured Image

Insidious returns, with its latest entry in the wearying supernatural series, after a much-anticipated wait.

Paranormal investigator, Elise Rainier, rediscovers her past in a sequel that is more fighting than ever imagined…

Dr.Elise Rainer is faced with the most haunting experience yet, in her very own home. The sequel takes us back to where it all began, her child-hood home. After receiving a call from a man who claims his house is haunted, it turns out to be her old address. Elise had accidentally set the demon free.

For those not familiar with Insidious, its full of psychological suspense, violence and the supernatural. It upholds a reputation for being one of the most frightening horror series.

Laden with the usual jump-scares, as well as more encounters with the Further, The Last Key proves to be just as frightening as the first. The film gives us a backstory to Elise Rainer’s (Lin Shaye) past as we take a look back at on her childhood where she first discovered her spiritual abilities. The film kicks off with a dark insight into the abuse Elise received at the hands of her prison guard.

After Spectral Sightings receive a strange phone call from a man living in the house Elise grew up in, the gang are back to investigate the paranormal. Throughout the film, Elise discovers dark secrets about her past, while reconnecting with family members both from the Further and current world.

So far, Insidious: The Last Key has scored the lowest out of all critic’s. However, don’t let this put you off. If you are a fan of the series, finding out about Elise’s dark backstory (which gives plenty more depth to Lin Shaye’s character) is an incredibly interesting new take on the Insidious franchise. It is almost guaranteed that the jump scares are even more terrifying and shocking than the last. They are also much more frequent. So…prepare yourself.

Insidious: The Last Key just isn’t quite as good as the first three films. The tone of the film felt out of touch with the plot line. The mixture of both comedy and intense horror didn’t quite follow with the plot. It seemed as if the film had been thrown together. Despite this, the horror that we know and love from past Insidious films is well and truly there. It is a must see for all fans of the franchise!

Our Score: 7/10