Calling all David Tennant fans!

The star has made his way back onto the big screen in his latest movie – ‘Mad to Be Normal,’ a biodrama documenting the life of the anti-psychiatrist RD Laing.

Based in London in the 1960s, Mad to Be Normal is a cultural throwback to a time of floral shirts and outrageous parties. The film follows RD Laing (Tennant), who is considered to be one of the greatest minds to leave Scotland. Laing worked with ‘mentally disturbed’ people, creating innovative and radical methods to help those in his care, including the use of LSD and some more unusual self-healing methods. As a result, RD Laing attracted controversy in the medical profession yet Tennant’s performance is a unanimous success among critics.

Tennant is joined by Elisabeth Moss, who plays his lover Angie Wood, and the BAFTA award-winning Micheal Gambon, who plays one of his patients. The film is an adaptation of RD Laing’s diary, yet the chronology and characters have been distorted by the director Robert Mullen.

IMDb have rated the film 8.1/10. With love, jokes and a bit of madness, this film is setting up to be an interesting watch.

Credit to @MadtobeNormal Facebook

Credit to @MadtobeNormal Facebook

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