great wall matt damon

Matt Damon stars in the latest action feature from Yimou Zhang, as the Hollywood star defends the Great Wall of China from mythical monsters.

The Great Wall could potentially be the largest China-US production cross over ever! With $120 million dollars spent on the project, the movie has provided a great opportunity to build a bridge between China and Hollywood. This can be seen throughout the movie with the casting of Matt Damon to hook in the US audience. However, the film showcases some fantastic Chinese actors with the likes of Andy Lou and Eddie Peng appearing center stage. What’s also incredible is the detail in which the animator have gone to in order to recreate the Great Wall of China on the big screen. You can really see where its huge budget has been spent. It is a visually stunning film, check out the trailer now:

Although the director, Yimou Zhang, proclaims to be a ‘Visionary Director’ in the trailer (A self compliment never sits too well with me…), its clear he has created a visually stunning film. Between the gorgeous camera angles and the beautiful effects from the trailer, you know that it is going to be an aesthetically pleasing movie — but a plot is apparently yet to be found.

There has been a trend among reviewers of the movie that this explosive action flick lacks story-line, perhaps Damon isn’t enough to keep this one above water… But the shots look very impressive, so any film students looking for inspiration, The Great Wall might be worth a watch!

Credit to Facebook and Universal

Credit to Facebook and Universal