HOT NEW MOVIE ALERT: Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades 2

It is time folks, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey has arrived and it is exactly what you’d think!

Fifty Shades Darker has followed in its predecessors footsteps with critics spreading their opinions like marmite, all of them loving or hating it. It follows the love affair of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, still experiencing the weird tension, mysterious dynamics and the two banging on screen — which we found last year this sex sells for about $500 million dollars at the box office alone. Check out the movie trailer here:

Anastasia wants Christian to ditch the rules and wants a proper relationship with the troubled billionaire, however there is always trouble when a crazy ex gets involved. Although most critics are giving this movie a spanking, like Rolling Stones‘ Peter Travers calling it an ‘idiotic movie’ and ‘the most painful movie of 2017.” Yet, others like Pete Hammond from Deadline are claiming the soundtrack really whipped it into shape like (okay, I’m done with the puns now.)

However, at the end of the day this movie sells. Millions of people turn out for the raunchy flick, despite the critics calling it a dud and unwatchable, millions of people have said otherwise, as ticket sales are predicting a larger profit than last time. There is one thing that is undeniable about these movies, they are impossible to ignore!

I personally will be checking this movie out, it might be as trashy as twilight but we all can’t deny it is bloody entertaining!